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SuperGravy Trial 4-Pack - Try All 4 Flavors

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8 reviews

Supergravy will make your dog eat better and enjoy it more! Take the SuperGravy Challenge!

Trial Packs are a great way for you and your dog to discover the SuperGravy Difference.


  • ALL DOGS EATING DRY FOOD will enjoy their food more and digest it better with SuperGravy. It’s that simple.
  • HELPS STOP PICKY EATING and boosts appetites impacted by Aging, Medications, Illness, Food Changes, Anxiety, or just “taste fatique”.
  • SLOWS DOWN RAPID EATING: Dogs savor their food more and are less likely to “inhale” kibble when it is thoroughly hydrated with Super- Gravy.
  • USING CANNED FOOD AS A KIBBLE TOPPER? SuperGravy blends much better with dry food, eliminates smelly can waste, and costs far less to use
  • USING FREEZE DRIED or FROZEN? Add SuperGravy for great taste and TRI-GESTIVE gut health support from Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Digestive Enzymes.
  • DOGS WITH DIGESTIVE ISSUES and SENSITIVE STOMACHS may also benefit from the TRI-GESTIVE microbiome support system.
  • ATHLETIC, ACTIVE, and WORKING DOGS: SuperGravy broth encourages proper hydration and supplies natural electrolytes with less than 20 calories per cup.


“MICROBIOME” means the population of trillions of live beneficial microorganisms in a human or animal body. These “good bugs” are critical to digestion, nutrient absorption, oral health, and a well-functioning immune system. Our exclusive TRI-GESTIVE blend includes all three elements considered critical to a healthy microbiome: Live probiotics, prebiotic fiber, and digestive enzymes. Learn more at ClearConsciencePet.com/TRIGESTIVE


SuperGravy contains Taurine, an amino acid considered important to carnivore health. (NOTE: Added Taurine does not substitute for a balanced diet high in clean animal source proteins)


SuperGravy leaves a much smaller “eco pawprint” than cans or premade liquid broths and toppers. Please recycle this pouch!


Just add water to make healthy and delicious superfood GRAVY or BROTH that enhances food with live probiotics, prebiotics, and enzymes that are cooked out of commercial pet foods. SuperGravy naturally transforms dry kibble, freeze dried, frozen, or any pet food into a healthier, more digestible, and irresistibly delicious meal

MAKE GRAVY INSTANTLY in your dog's food bowl:

  • Add 1 scoop* + 1/3 to 1/2 cup water per cup kibble or freeze-dried. Stir well to thoroughly hydrate all food! (*1 scoop = 1.5 tsp./7.5 ml.)
  • TIP: Add water gradually while stirring and stop when the meal is well hydrated but not “soupy!”


    • 1 scoop works for any sized pet meal, but you may adjust by using less for small dogs or cats, and more for big and giant dogs. SuperGravy is versatile because it’s low in fat and calories, so adjust to your preference, no worries!


    • We humans love “grandma’s style” thick gloppy gravy, but it’s too high in fat and can cause tummy trouble for dogs. SuperGravy is a healthier water-based “au jus” gravy coating, all-natural with no artificial thickeners



      • Add 1 scoop mix per 10 oz. water (3 per quart, 12 per gallon) SHAKE WELL BEFORE EACH USE: Natural mix settles. Refrigerate remaining broth.


      • Lighter Broth: Use 2 scoops per quart to make a lighter broth to use as a “boosted water” that encourages proper hydration and replenishes electrolytes for working dogs, K9 athletes in training, and all active dogs
      • “Gravy Broth:” Use 6-8 scoops per quart to make a hearty premade topper. Shake well and add directly to meals. TIP: Multi-dog families and facilities save time with this method.

        *28-day trial pack based on recommended use of one scoop per dog per day. Use of more or less SuperGravy will change duration of Trial

        Choosing the Right SuperGravy for your Dog: Click for Guide

        Guide to SuperGravy Ingredients: Click for Guide

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 8 reviews
        Marilyn Morrison (Detroit, MI)

        great product

        We are SUPER happy that your Pup(S) love our SuperGravy recipes! JOY to their bowls! Thank you. ~A&A

        Customer (Hampton, VA)
        My Jazzi loves it

        It assists in hydrating the raw nuggets.

        Thank you Jazzy! Hydration while feeding our companions is SUPER important. You are one lucky dog!

        Wendy Lerner (Saint Paul, MN)

        great product

        Thank you Wendy. It is our pleasure to serve you and your companions! ~A&A

        Jeannie Kavanagh (Clearwater, FL)
        Very picky eater

        Ryleigh my 4 pound picky eater seems to like them all but especially the arfredo I think. I like the nutritional value it adds to her diet. I especially like the customer service of this small business. They aim to please and I appreciate that. If you have an issue with your order, they more than make it right!

        Thank you Jeannie. Our customers and their companions are what keeps us keeping on. As a small family company we feel humbled by your Trust & Support.

        Wynn Datillio (Tallahassee, FL)
        Super Gravy 4-pack

        Honestly, I have only tried Paw Jus and Barkima so far (as a gravy topper), but my little Yorkie loved both of these flavors. I am sure she is going to love the other two flavors as well!

        Thank you for Trusting & Trying our SuperGravy 4pk. It is the absolute best way to bring JOY to the bowl! Welcome to our 'BarkTeam'!

        Robert Graham (Arlington, VA)
        All my dogs love it

        I have 4 dogs, ranging from 14 years to a couple months old...they all love it and meal times are a lot easier

        Lewis Beck (Conifer, CO)
        picky eater

        Cured picky Great Dane on first bowl!

        Not fond of the white gravy

        However, I've discovered he likes just the powder sprinkled lightly over his food...all of the flavors. I hope this is okay, he chows down when he has the gravy powder. I don't use more than a half of a scoop, but he loves it.

        We are thrilled that you have found a way to use our carefully formulated SuperGravy recipes to ensure optimum health for your pup! Thank you for your Trust & Support.