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Alana Rutherford (Scottsburg, IN)
Wonderful product

My 2 Yorkies are raw fed on Primal and Small Batch so a few times a week I add the gravy to their food and they love it

Thank you Alana & Pups for your Support & Trust! ~A&A

Ileana Letourneau (Hialeah, FL)
Dogs live it

My four dogs love this product. I recommend their products. Awesome customer service!

Variety is the spice of life:) We are thrilled that your dogs are enjoying several of our SuperGravy recipes! Thank you for your Trust & Support. ~A&A

Jenny Clark (Hutchinson, KS)
Great Healthy Dog Treats & Super gravy

I Love this Company & so do my fur babies. A Great Small Mom & Pop Company that puts our pets health first in the Products they make. Safe, Healthy Pet Goodies ❤️

Jenny & Pups, your Trust and Support for many many years means the world to us! Thank you. ~A&A

If it's not on the meal

he's not eating it! Loves the Barkinara and the Paw Jus...

What a smart dog you have! Our goal is to bring 'Joy' to EVERY dog bowl. Thank you for taking the time to share this.

Meg Sandoval
A favorite!

My shepherd/lab chow mix loves this gravy! She is no longer a fussy eater and I know she is getting the nutrition she needs as an active ranch dog.

What is her name? Please send a photo. We have a very soft spot for Chow Chows:)
Thank you for your Trust & Support.

Julie Harvey (Machesney Park, IL)
Crazy gravey!

Our 7 year dog loves her dinner when gravy is mixed on top. She stomps her feet and snaps her jaws when it’s time to eat. She slo enjoys the gravy on top! Thank you!

:):):) We would love to see a snapshot of her antics! Thank you for the fun review.

Allison McCartney (Claysville, PA)
SuperGravy Barkinara dog food topper

My little Toto seems to like it very much. He is a very finicky dog. Thank you.

Hi Allison and Toto,
We are thrilled that we are able to help Toto en'JOY' his meals as well as hydrate and add essential nutrients to his diet. Thank you for taking the time to share your review. ~ A & A

Sheri Dennis (Bailey, NC)
Thank God for this Product!

When I reordered the Clear Conscience product, USPS lost my shipment and it had to be resent. I was so thankful to receive the new shipment because my picky Collie eater started eating again! Thank you so much. When I first started your product, it took a few weeks, but he eventually started actually eating all his food. I ordered 3 days before I was to run out and then USPS lost the package. My dog went several days with out eating! Next time I will order at least a week prior. Oh, and this time, after a little coaxing my picky Collie ate the treats that were enclosed. Last time, he totally put his nose up to them. I thank God for your product - I was so worried when Elon would not eat!

Katrina Owens (Cockeysville, MD)
The Gravy Mix keeps their attention!!!!

When its time to eat my 3 rescued beagles want the others food! The problem.... is that they all have specific diets for health issues. Oscar has kidney disease and Zeus is a colon cancer survivor. Ike could drop a few pounds. The first time I put the gravy mix in their food.... I knew I had a winner!!! They never lifted their heads from their own bowl until finished!!! On behalf of my 3 senior boys.... THANK YOU!!!

Thank you for the terrific review and your photos are magnificent. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for your trust & continued support.

Deryl Banks (Dallas, TX)
Great Product

Love this gravy mix for my Yorkies. They gobble it up. 5 plus 100 stars.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to give SuperGravy a FIVE star PAWS up rating.
It truly means so very much for our small family company to have your Trust & Support.
~ A & A