#1 Dog Gravy in America

SuperGravy dog gravy creates a delicious taste, has superfood nutrients, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and improves digestion. SuperGravy is the most awarded pet food topper mix!

Dog Food Amplified

Delicious Taste, Probiotics, SuperFood Nutrients, Digestive Enzymes with SuperGravy Dog Gravy!


Clear Conscience Pet® is an independent family-owned company that has won 22 national awards for excellence in pet nutrition. Products include SuperGravy Pet Food Toppers, Dog Gravy, Dog Treats, and Dog Chews. Clear Conscience Pet® was founded to create holistically formulated, cleanly-sourced, artisan-prepared nutritional products for dogs and cats.

Take the 7 Day SuperGravy Challenge

New to SuperGravy? Grab a bag or bundle of our SuperGravy 7-Day or 21-Day Trial Packs!

Trial Packs are a great way for you and your dog to discover the SuperGravy Difference. SuperGravy brings Healthy Joy to the Bowl every day by instantly turning hard, dry kibble into DELICIOUSLY NUTRITIOUS(tm) hydrated meals. SuperGravy has helped countless pet parents to solve the problem of picky eating and poor appetites caused by age, illness, or stress. But even though we guarantee that your dog will love all three of the exciting recipes, SuperGravy provides your dog with so much more than “just a pretty taste;” it’s an instant gravy that’s also a superfood supplement and a digestive health powerhouse.

Holistic Veterinarians and animal nutritionists highly recommend adding back the active probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes that are cooked out of most commercial dog foods. These elements are critical to gut health, the immune system, and overall vitality. But let’s face it, dogs hate taking pills and capsules! SuperGravy combines healthy instant gravies with these critical digestive elements so supplementing is super easy for you and super delicious for your dog. BTW, unlike many pet supplements, you won’t get sticker shock with SuperGravy. Our 30 Scoop Pouch (4.5 oz.) delivers all of these benefits for much less than a bottle of water or a cup of coffee, .75 cents or less per serving, making SuperGravy a triple play as the the best quality, best working, and best value in pet food topper solutions! (Based on MSRP of $15.95 per 30 scoop/4.5 oz. pouch plus 5.95 flat rate shipping and handling; 7-day Trial pack based on recommended use of one scoop per dog per day. Use of more or less SuperGravy will change duration of Trial)

“Maya, at 8 months old, will do just about anything for Lamb Airy Bites! She is my cherished co-pilot and I’m grateful to CCP for such high quality and delicious products that I can feel confident about feeding her.”

Lynn & Maya