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Works well for me


Coca loves it, She also loves the little bag of stuff you sent with the gravy what is that called????

JT (Galveston, TX)
Gravvvvy Time

They both love the Paw Jus gravy. Even my picky eater. They are getting older but with the gravy they are excited to eat like they did when younger. Give it a try!

Thank you for your terrific feedback! Your Trust & Support means the world to us. ~A&A

Theresa Traynor (Detroit, MI)
Super graey super stuff

Well nomatter which gravey we use Muki loves it, I even sprinkle it on her kibble for in between raw freeze dried nuggets . I feel good giving her this great gravey, KUDOS to this wonderful company!!!!! Now Kinzie is getting in her PMB. So healthy... we love it

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your Trust & Support means the world to us. ~A&A


Wow! My little dog wasn’t eating anything! I bought this due to the reviews, hoping they weren’t fake. She LOVES this gravy and finishes her bowl every time.

James Jones (Escalon, CA)
Delicious product.

This is our second order and cannot be happier with how much the dogs love the taste.

Jim Arciszewski (Wright City, MO)
Super Gravy Paw Jus

On my third large bag since December, my 2 labs love it!

Thank you, Jim, and Labbie's! We are thrilled to bring health & JOY to the bowl.

Shawn (Irmo, SC)
Super Gravy

My dogs do not eat one meal without their gravy! There are so many health benefits to feeding them super gravy.

Thank you for taking the time to review our SuperGravy! You have helped our mission: Bring JOY & health ALL dogs. ~A&A

Debora Carrison (Pleasanton, CA)
Great add on

I was pretty skeptical when I bought this gravy for my dogs food but was pleasantly surprised. She loves it. As a picky chihuahua, it is always a struggle to find food that she will eat. I added just a small amount of this gravy and she couldn’t wait to gobble it all down. Thank you!

YEAH! Thank you for giving us your Trust & Support. It means the world to us. ~A&A

L.K. (Las Vegas, NV)
Lou from vegas

My dog Noah, a chihuhua, is a very nice icky eater and he loves the gravy added to his food.

Thank you! We are extremely pleased to have our SuperGravy be a part of Noah's meals!
'JOY' to the bowl:) ~A&A