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Bark Your Biz

Where: Global Pet Expo 2019, Orlando, Florida: Room W306A
Day: Wednesday March 20, 2019
Time: 3pm to 5 pm
BARK YOUR BIZ was at Global Pet Expo2019!

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BARK YOUR BIZ Global Pet Expo 2019 Winners: TEEF! Daily Dog Dental Care (L to R: Expert panelists BC Henschen and Phil Chang; Co-Hosts Anthony and Amanda Bennie; TEEF! Founders Dr. Emily Stein and Lindsey Campbell)


It’s the FIRST “Elevator Pitch” Show for Pet Industry Entrepreneurs! Created and Hosted by the award-winning “Bennie & the Pets podcast” team of Anthony and Amanda Bennie . BARK YOUR BIZ™ Will be heard on the Podbean Network a few hours after taping and shareable links will be provided to contestants. Contestant Pitch slots are very limited, so apply NOW to assure your 10 minutes of fame!** CONTACT: Anthony Bennie at 203-984-2101 or write Anthony@ClearConsciencePet.com. **Entrepreneurs selected at the sole discretion of the Hosts and Producers


  1. Entrepreneurs, inventors, and “C-Level” senior company executives presenting NEW pet products are preferred as Barkers, but all applicants are considered.
  2. Each Barker gets to deliver their “elevator pitch” for three minutes as strictly measured by the BYB Egg Timer.
  3. Questions from Hosts,Panelists, and VIP Audience members will follow after the Barker’s pitch.
  4. Three Winners will be chosen based on host and panelist score sheets grading Presentation, Product, and Potential for market success.Audience input may also be considered.
  5. The top scoring pitch will receive our Global 2019 BEST BARKER AWARD, and the next two highest scores will be named Second and Third “Runner Pups.”


Check out the Bennie and the Pets Podcast on Podbean and the BARK YOUR BIZ PODCAST LINKS from Global Pet Expo 2019, Orlando, Florida:


Anthony and Amanda Bennie are the co-hosts and creators of Bark Your Biz and the Bennie & the Pets podcast radio show.

The Bennies are also Founders of Clear Conscience Pet, The Most Awarded Brand in Pet Nutrition. Anthony was a 2015 winner of the Pet Industry Icon Award, and Amanda a 2017 winner of the Women of Influence in the Pet Industry Award. Anthony consults on nutrition, branding, and manufacturing.


The panelists for Bark Your Biz III at the 2019 Global Pet Expo edition are respected pet business experts, and all are writers with monthly columns in pet industry trade publications:

  • Phil Chang is the Founder of Retail Phil and is a retailing expert and consultant who writes for Pet Product News and other publications. Phil will also be leading a retailing strategy seminar at the 2019 Global Pet Expo;
  • BC Henschen is the Founder/owner of the Platinum Paws, a legacy independent pet specialty retail store in Carmel, Indiana. BC also serves as Association for Truth in Pet Food (ATPF) consumer advocate on the board of the American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), and also serves on the World Pet Association (WPA) board of directors. His popular monthly column can be found monthly on the back page of Pet Product News.
  • Candace D’Agnolo is the newest BYB panelist. She is a pet industry consultant who built a successful pet specialty retail chain and is now the Founder and CEO of The Pet Boss Nation, a membership-based think tank and training resource for pet business entrepreneurs. Pet Boss Nation hosts Camp Pet Boss, a rustic annual retreat for pet business entrepreneurs. Candace also writes a monthly column in Pets + magazine.


Winners get certificates and bragging rights, PLUS free consults with our panelists and affiliated experts:

  1. BEST BARKER AWARD Prize: Up to 3 hours in expert consulting *plus trade event discount vouchers TBA
  2. First Runner-Pup Prize: Up to 2 hours in expert consulting *plus trade event discount vouchers TBA
  3. Second Runner-Pup Prize: Up to 1 hour in expert consulting *plus trade event discount vouchers TBA
  4. NON-PANELIST BARK YOUR BIZ AFFILIATE EXPERT: JAN EVANS, Holistic Health Writer/ Content Creator for pet businesses. Her services include website evaluation, branding review and digital marketing

**Consulting provided by panelists with a limit of one hour per expert per winner at the mutual convenience of the experts and winners. Choice of experts can’t be guaranteed based on scheduling, but will be honored to the extent possible.