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My Jazzi loves it

It assists in hydrating the raw nuggets.

Thank you Jazzy! Hydration while feeding our companions is SUPER important. You are one lucky dog!

Excellent product with a yummy Flavor!

Excellent nutritious whole food product with a yummy flavor! My dogs clean their plate.

Thank you Cindy & PUPs! The best news is that we have four different SuperGravy recipes for them to try:)

Lamb Airy Bites™ Dog Treats
Shirley Leonard (Dallas, TX)
Wonderful treats

My Yorkie Bella loves both the lamb bites and bark. They are among her all time favorite treats. I love knowing that I am treating her with a healthy product such as these!

Thank you Bella & Shirley! I made a SUPER fun frozen summer treat the other day for our 2 Pups using our Lamb Airy Bark & SuperGravy:) Send me an e-mail if you would like my recipe! ~Amanda

SuperGravy® Arfredo™ 7-Day Trial Pack
Mary Stokes (Puyallup, WA)
Best In Class

My dog loves your super gravy, especially the Bon ALA GOAT, Beef sliders, and the Lamb Airy Bark she can’t get enough of. I love this company, Thank you for creating great treats and gravy for our animals to enjoy knowing their getting no synthetics of any kind! These treats surely have made training my girl easy, as their her favorites. Also they are the perfect size for her casino game she loves to play.
Thank You Clear Conscience! 🐾🐾

Thanks Mary!
You are awesome to take the time to let others know about our products and the different ways to use them for your PUP. Please send some photos:) ~A&A

One dog loves it, the other is still picky

Easy to mix into a squeeze bottle so I can have four portions ready to go. The Paw Jus and Arfredo seem to be the ones my picky female likes best, and my very not-picky male eats anything I put in front of him. He is blind, and sometimes seems to drink less water than he should, so this is a good way to help him with adequate hydration.

Hi Melissa & Pups,
Thank you so much for your thoughtful review. Feel free to combine any of our four recipes together and/or alternate the flavors.
Try them in a 'stand alone' broth for more hydration too.
We have many fun recipes on our site that you may like! ~A&A

Great topper for food!

Dogs love to lick it up!

Nancy & Pack,
Eating, LICKING ,drooling...this may mean our mission has been accomplished:)
'JOY' to their bowls! ~A&A THANK YOU.

Lamb Airy Bites™ Dog Treats
Suzanne Ham (Rowlett, TX)
My dog loves these!

My dog goes crazy over these treats. I’ve shared with friends’s dogs and every dog I’ve known loves these. Great healthy treat (makes training super easy to, as they’ll do anything for a lamb airy bite!

Hi Suzanne and pup,
It means the world to us that you have been sharing our products with your friends. Thank you! Please send photos:)

Dog Gravy

GREAT products! My dog Jaegger loves them, particularly when the weather is cold in the morning. Great products!

Thank you so much Ronald for taking the time to review our SuperGravy.
Have you seen SuperGravy summer recipes? Jaegger will adore this fun twist for 'JOY' during the hot weather too! All recipes are available on our site.
& we keep adding more...


My picky little one eat so much better since I started using super gravy. They love it and is so good for them 💞

Thank you Susan & PUPs. All of our recipes are terrific for picky eaters and so much more!
Welcome to our 'BarkTeam' ~A&A

The Original Gravy Trio - Barkinara, Arfredo, Paw Jus
Katherine Arroyo (Rohnert Park, CA)
Dog gravy

My 2 dogs love it when I mix it in their food they
Lick their bowl clean.

Hi Katherine, We call that 'JOY' to the Bowl! :)
Thank you so much for taking the time to send your review. ~A&A

Lamb Airy Bark™ Dog Treats
Susie (Lake Mary, FL)
London absolutely loves the Lamb Airy Bark

We were sent the Lamb Airy Bark as a sample along with another product we purchased. London wants me to get him some more of these.

Hi London,
Please tell your awesome MOM that we have plenty of Lamb Airy Bark and will be ready to ship anytime:)
Thank you for your All paws up review! ~A&A

London absolutely loves these

London absolutely loves the Lamb Trachey Chewz and I approve of the ingredients. He's had two FHO surgeries and I like that they are good for his joints and that all the ingredients are sourced in the US.

Hi Susie, We are thrilled that London loves our Lamb chewz! Trachea is terrific for offering natural chondroitin & Glucosamine. Thank you so much! ~A&A

Lamb Airy Bark™ Dog Treats
Jessica Miranda (Glendale, CA)
Dangerous!! Be aware!!! My dogs are addicted!!

You all have been aware now!! My two yorkies love this!!! I love the fact that it’s infused with their special super food rub!! So even if I’m giving them treats they’re still getting nutrients and these two are super happy! Thank you Clear Conscience Pet!!

We all HOWLED after reading this!
Yorkies can be very SCARY when they want something they love. Thank you so much for this awesome testimonial. ~A&A

Gravyyyy Me Pleaseee

My babies loveeee this stuff. I cook for them but I think it’s the topping that does it every time. I’ve tried all of the flavors and they lick the bowl clean every time

'JOY' to ALL bowls!:) Thank you & your babies for your awesome review. ~A&A

Gravy is Amazing!Wil never be without it!

Now that I found this amazing Gravy and company, I will never be without it! All my dogs and cats love it and I honestly don't remember what we did before we found this wonderful company and all its healthy delicious treats! My dogs and cats just love everything and eat so well and look forward to everything! I can't thank you enough, truly! I am a customer for always and my hopes are someday you will,make an amazing dog food too! For now though we are so happy! Thankyou so much for caring about animals like us all and Bless youl

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE, that you are also treating your cat's with Clear Conscience Pet Treats and Gravy! Thank you for sharing with others know that cats need and deserve 'JOY' too! :):)

Our Dog Loves This Treat

What could be better than a super healthy, no mess treat that your dog will love? That is Sliders Beef Cheddavegg treats. Our dog, Emma, gets excited each time she is rewarded with one. We are very satisfied with this product!

Thank you Cheryl & Emma.
We are thrilled that you are treating with our Award Winning Sliders! Keep an eye out for second recipe coming soon... BARK & ROAR ~A&A

Great Healthy Dog Treats & Super gravy

I Love this Company & so do my fur babies. A Great Small Mom & Pop Company that puts our pets health first in the Products they make. Safe, Healthy Pet Goodies ❤️

Jenny & Pups, your Trust and Support for many many years means the world to us! Thank you. ~A&A

SuperGravy Trial 4-Pack - Try All 4 Flavors
Wendy Lerner (Saint Paul, MN)

great product

Thank you Wendy. It is our pleasure to serve you and your companions! ~A&A

Won't be without it!

My two love the Bon A' La Goat Supergravy, but they also love the Paw Jus version. I normally make a broth using 'mostly' the Bon A' La Goat, but add some of the Paw Jus as well (to get the benefits of both) and use it to help rehydrate their freeze dried food. I love knowing that they are getting such great health benfits from something that they love so much!

We love that you are mixing 2 of our SuperGravy recipes to reap the combined benefits. Thank you so much for your Trust & Support! ~A&A

Barks & Bites 2 Airy Treat Bags Combo Deal
Candice Zizilas (Fort Myers, FL)
DOGs love this!

My Yorkies and neighbors' dogs love these yummy. The bites are good sizes and can be snapped into smaller bites. While the larger treats are nice on the go. The cheese bites are a nice change.

You are so KIND! First for sharing with your neighbors and second for taking the time to write this fantastic review. Lamb Airy Bark is our best selling treat for the reason you mentioned. They can be easily snapped into the appropriate treat size:) for all dogs JOY!
Thank you. ~A&A

Lamb Airy Bites™ Dog Treats
Carol B (Greensboro, NC)
Great Treats

My Yorkies love them, and I love knowing they are healthy!

Carol & Yorkies, we thank you for your Trust & Support in our products and our Family company! ~A&A

SuperGravy® Arfredo™ 7-Day Trial Pack
Melissa (Philadelphia, PA)
Tasty abs nutritious for my pup

My dog loved this, and I like the idea of adding additional nutrition to his food. I already ordered a larger size.

Thank you Melissa. We welcome your PUP to our ' BarkTeam' Please send photos and his name when you have a chance. ~A&A

Lamb Airy Bites™ Dog Treats
Anonymous (Hollywood, FL)
Clear Conscious Treats and Super Gravy

Love, love, love this company, and my little Sparky Man approves. Super healthy treats and products like how all treats and products for dogs should be.

Sparky Man's approval as well as your own means the world to us. Other folks looking for 'CleanLabel' products will hopefully make the right choice as well. Thank you so much for sharing your review on our platform. ~A&A

Best healthy treats and gravy topping

My girl loves her treats and the different options in the gravy mix that she demands them now.. We crush the bites treat and sprinkle on her food as a toppong.. I love tgat my girl is getting the best of thr best. BTW thank you for the gift/sample she recieved.. Delivery was quick, ordering process is easy

Thank you Shelly! We are so happy that your GIRL has found her voice. Your wonderful review will help many other animal companions make 'CleanLabel' choices. We would love to see a photo of your PUP.

The best treats I have ever given my babies!

I can't say enough wonderful things about these sliders! These are all my dogs favorite foods out of any other treat and I can't be without them! They are wonderful and healthy,and have never caused any digestive issue and I'm so lucky I found your wonderful caring company who I trust completely! Thankyou so,much for giving me back my faith in people. I was making all my own treats as well as Homemade food before I found your company! Now I use the amazing Gravies with my homemade food which is so healthy for their digestive system but I now have your treats too! I had given up buying any products after all of that truth came,out about what was happening with dog food in China.Thankyou,so much for caring about dogs! I can't tell you how appreciative I am, and my dogs! All your treats are simply the best! Bless you!

Your review is humbling. Thank you so much for your kindness, trust, & support in us and our products! ~A&A