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Great added treat

Thank you Michele.
YES, SuperGravy is a 'treat' & a 'complete the meal' all in one:):):) Thanks for your support!

Kelpy Chewz Beef Tubes (Weston, CT)
❤️ Kelpy Tubes ❤️

These chews are a huge hit with our dog. We love that they are healthy and safe . Another amazing product from Clear Conscience Pet !

Thank you so much for your kind words as well as your Trust & Support!
The photos you sent are wonderful. Please keep them coming. Pics like this keep us smiling! ~A&A

Kelpy Chewz Beef Tubes
Rene Barnes (Boynton Beach, FL)
Great chew!

My pup absolutely loves them and so do I. He couldn't wait for me to open the bag, he was jumping up and down and enjoyed every bit of it. No upset stomach which is a big deal for us and so healthy for him. Thank you for making truly healthy treats and chews!

Hi Rene,
Thank you so much for taking time to help spread the word! Great point about NO belly upsets. Clean Label products Rock! ~ A&A

Kelpy Chewz Beef Tubes
Brandy (Knoxville, TN)
Obsessed with these Kelpy Tubes!

I had hoped to capture some really sweet, adorable photos of Olive and Noah, my 10 and 11-year old Goldens, to accompany this review. I knew they'd like the Kelpy Tubes because they haven't met a Clear Conscience Pet treat or chew they didn't like. But I wasn't expecting the mayhem that ensued. It was mayhem, yes, but the very best kind of mayhem! The kind that only occurs when your dogs are in a state of absolute pure joy over a new treat! So, while I wasn't able to capture the sweet, adorable photos I'd envisioned, I did capture several moments of absolute happiness. These Tubes are AWESOME. Olive and Noah loved every second of chewing, licking, and gnawing - and they lasted much longer than I expected - Olive laughs in the face of most long-lasting chews, but these really lasted a good, long time! LOVE LOVE LOVE - Thank you CCP!!!

Thank you Olive & Noah for ALWAYS trusting us and our products.
PS Bravo to you both for convincing the cat too :):):)!!
PPS More photos and video welcome!!!

Kelpy Chewz Beef Ringz
Sara McGarry (Bridgeport, CT)

The best dental chews around. It kept Jake entertained for hours.

Sara and Jake,
We thank you for being vintage 'BarkTeam'
Your continued trust & support of C.C.P. makes our hearts happy.
~ A&A

Our picky pup loves it!

We’ve been having trouble getting our dog to eat his food, but this is no longer a problem with the gravies He loves the flavors and ends up licking the bowl clean!

Hi Michael, Thank you so much for taking the time to write this review. Brilliant of you to choose our variety pack when you have a picky PUP. Thank you for your Trust! ~A&A

Kelpy Chewz Beef Ringz
Donna Waugh (Portola, CA)
Kelpy Chewz Beef Ringz

We recently tried the Kelpy Chewz Beef Ringz with my McNabs. Minute, my 25 lb selective eater, loved them as did my MCNab/BC, Daisy! The Kelpy Ringz are a nice size for the smaller sized dogs. I also have the Kelpy Tubes to try but have not given them yet. I like the fact that Clear Conscience Pet is committed to offering tasty holistic healthy treats that enhance my dogs health and lives in a positive way. CCP makes it easy to feel good about what I feed my dogs.

To the McNab pack:
We thank you for your never doubting trust & support in our company, products and most of all us! ~A&A

Kelpy Chewz Beef Ringz
JB (Avon, CT)
Great crunchy chew

We feed raw so only buy healthy grain free treats for Buddy. He loves the kelpy trachea chewz. They are super crunchy, made from healthy ingredients, and the perfect size for a special treat.

Thank you for including a photo of handsome Buddy! You guys for sure make a terrific team:) Your support means the world to us. ~A&A

SuperGravy® 4 Pack (7 Scoop) Trial Bundle
Michelle A Eddy (Ashtabula, OH)
My picky eater loves it!

Will be ordering this again! My boy loves it!

Thank you Michelle for your Support!
This is wonderful news & music to our ears. ~A&A


This is a great supplement. I have a dog with a lot of allergies, this food topper made a positive change in both his skin and his willingness to eat

Hi Katie, Thanks so much for the 'LOVE', Trust, & Support!
This is music to our ears:)

We like it

Good product. We live in Cape Coral, wish I could buy it locally.

Kelpy Chewz Beef Ringz
Brandy (Knoxville, TN)
Our new favorite!!

Olive and Noah have been big fans of CCP for about a decade (the Sliders and Lamb Airy Bark have long been favorites!) And I love that no matter what treat or chew I give them, if it's got Clear Conscience Pet on the label, I know it's healthy, beneficial, and made with only clean ingredients. So when I heard about the new Kelpy Ringz, of course I had to try them! I've sampled various other brands dental chews over the years, but either my dogs don't like them or they're made with ingredients I don't want to give them once, let alone every day. Kelpy Ringz are the answer! My senior dogs (10 & 11) act like excited puppies when they hear the bag crinkle. They LOVE them! And the rings last much longer than I expected them to, so aside from the dental cleaning benefits of kelp, they get the tooth and gum massage from the long-lasting chew. Another winner from CCP! (Betty the cantankerous calico cat likes them too - she licks, chews, and bats it around like a toy!)

Thank you Brandy. We are thrilled that you & your Pups love our New Chewz. What a hoot that Betty wants in on the action! No reason why cats can't enjoy them. Anyone that has ever tried to brush a cats teeth may find Kelpy ringz the answer. Thank you for your Trust & Support. ~A&A

SuperGravy® 4 Pack (14 Scoop) Trial Bundle
Michael Alas (Cleveland, MS)
Delish !!!

Pups love it! Picky lady is still a tad picky but doesn’t require a fully cooked meal every times

Thank you and your Pups for Trusting and trying our SuperGravy. Being that you have all four recipes perhaps Picky lady would also enJOY if you alternate the flavors and/or try blending 2 or 3 the recipes together? :):) ~A&A

SuperGravy® 4 Pack (7 Scoop) Trial Bundle
Dandra Cassons (Brownsville, PA)
Trial size gravies

So far have used the alfredo which my girl absolutely loved working on the paw jus now and still have the other 2 to try. More than likely I will be looking into getting the bigger bag of at least the alfredo

Hi Dandra & Pup, We are thrilled that you chose to bring 'Joy' to the Bowl as well as variety! You can also blend the recipes together for a whole NEW flavor of your very own. :) Thank you for your Trust & Support. ~A&A

Lamb Airy Bark™ Dog Treats
Margaret Ingle (San Antonio, TX)
Lamb airy bark

I actually like the bites better but they are discontinued. My dogs love either so they are happy

Hi Margaret, We are disappointed about not having our Airy bites as well. It's a good thing our Airy Bark can easily be snapped off into any size treat for any time of day! :) Stay tuned for more new items coming soon! ~A&A

This super gravey is the bomb.

Our husky will not eat her kibble without super gravey. I feel good about giving it to her, I know dry food isn't the way to go or canned for that matter, I just can't afford raw freeze dried. Plus this company always puts in a sample of treats, they are wonderful. Try it today, I would not go without for sure.
Theresa Traynor

Thank you, Theresa, for making us smile! We just love hearing from happy customers. Have a 'Super' day ;-)

Kelpy Chewz Beef Tubes
Michelle Harvey (Vashon, WA)
Long lasting, chunchy goodness!

My two are big chewers. It is difficult to find a chew that is healthful as well as lasting more than a few seconds. What you are seeing is only a piece of a Kelpy chew tube, I held the rest back. Cannot recommend these enough.

We love to get videos! Thank you Michelle & Pups for Trusting & Trying all of our products. ~A&A

Kelpy Chewz Beef Ringz
Janet Mullis (Bainbridge Island, WA)
Best experience ever!

Claire adores this product. She was over the moon when we recently introduced it to her. I am so happy with your products in quality and dog appeal.

Janet- we are happy that you and Claire are happy!! All the best!

Kelpy Chewz Beef Ringz
Michelle Harvey (Vashon, WA)
Awesome new chewy treat!

My dogs, Penny and Sandy as well as their predecessors have been getting a CCP chew every night as a bedtime treat for years. I was sad to tell them that lamb trachea chews were no longer available. Enter Kelpy rings and tubes! YEAH! These treats last even longer and the kiddos love them. Good job CCP and thank you for caring about my pups as much as I.

Michelle, as a longtime friend and buyer of our products your feedback means so very much to us! We are absolutely thrilled that Penny & Sandy agree with you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. ~A&A

My little guy loves his Super Gravy. He loves cheese so the Alfredo is his favorite but seems like he's liking the others as well now.

Thank you Carol for trying all 4 of our recipes! We are thrilled that your Pup has found his FAV! ~A&A

SuperGravy® 4 Pack (14 Scoop) Trial Bundle
Brian L. (Pompton Plains, NJ)
They love it like a favorite treat.

Both my dogs love all the SuperGravy flavors and feeding time is even a happier time when they see it being poured into their kibble. I make a broth from mixing 3 spoonful's and a quart of water. They hang out in the kitchen while I'm mixing and eagerly wait to lap up the little taste of the just the broth I'll pour into their bowl. Great stuff.

Your Pup's JOY is our JOY! Thank you for trusting our Company and it's products. ~A&A

Love it!

I love the bundle option. My pup hasn't complained yet, so it must be good! The shipping was fast despite the fact that I ordered around Christmas. I got it within a week of ordering! They also provided an extra goodies bag of bark and my pup loved that too!

We are happy that you are happy. Thank you trusting our products! ~A&A

Healthy Treat

I got these for Titan to try and boy did he love these treats! I love the treats because they are nutritional for him. Clear Conscience Pet Co. is just phenomenal when it comes to offering the best for our beloved pets. Thank you from Titan & Michele

We thank you & Titan for your Trust & Support! ~A&A

christmas gifts-Super Gravy

They haven't tried them yet,as I know, but they were a big hit with my health conscious kids who received them !!

Can't wait to hear from your kids. We feel the JOY in our products and hope they do too. ~A&A



Thank you so much Amy! We <3 Yorkies!!