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Based on 360 reviews

Coca loves it, She also loves the little bag of stuff you sent with the gravy what is that called????

Gravvvvy Time

They both love the Paw Jus gravy. Even my picky eater. They are getting older but with the gravy they are excited to eat like they did when younger. Give it a try!

Thank you for your terrific feedback! Your Trust & Support means the world to us. ~A&A

These are really good. My dog finally will eat his food.

We are thrilled to see this awesome review! Thank you for your Trust & Support. ~A&A

It's all Gravy!

Great product , my dog can be a little finicky but with super gravy she eat her food right up , increased appetite.

Thank you so much or your Trust & Support! JOY to the bowl:)

SuperGravy® 4 Pack (7 Scoop) Trial Bundle
maria wheeler (Roswell, NM)
Happy with this product

I am very glad that I found super gravy , my dog really loves the flavor, and I know the ingredients are top quality . We are trying the different flavors to see which one is his favorite.

We are extremely grateful for PAWS up review:) Thank you so much for your Trust & Support! ~A&A
PS fingers crossed that he LOVES them all. It's wonderful to give variety or try mixing together for even more JOY.

Best topper

My dog love the topper and I like that I can put water on the dry food he leave the bowl clean

Thank you so much for taking the time to let us and others know that you and your Pup love our SuperGravy! ~A&A

Everything from this company is absolutely outstanding. My pups Love their treats and SuperGravies. .

Thank you for your awesome review! We are humbled by your Trust & Support. ~A&A

Super graey super stuff

Well nomatter which gravey we use Muki loves it, I even sprinkle it on her kibble for in between raw freeze dried nuggets . I feel good giving her this great gravey, KUDOS to this wonderful company!!!!! Now Kinzie is getting in her PMB. So healthy... we love it

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your Trust & Support means the world to us. ~A&A

Dogs love it

My two dogs love it, and it makes life so easy to get them fed.

Wow! My little dog wasn’t eating anything! I bought this due to the reviews, hoping they weren’t fake. She LOVES this gravy and finishes her bowl every time.

Kelpy Chewz Beef Ringz
Theresa Traynor (Sault Ste. Marie, MI)
Kelpy rings, oh yeah

My new puppy is teething and these chews are the best, I know they are good for her as well. This is a company you can trust.

Delicious product.

This is our second order and cannot be happier with how much the dogs love the taste.

These were discontinued and I’m so sad!!! They were my dogs favorite treat. Can’t wait to see what you replace it with!

Outstanding quality and ingredients. My doggo’s favorite.

My pup loves all of the flavors!

Kelpy Chewz Beef Tubes
Theresa Traynor (Sault Ste. Marie, MI)
These chews are perfect

I got these chews for our new Yorkie puppy kinzie and wow she is in love with them. Chews like crazy, kudos for this great company.

Hi Theresa & Kinzie,
Thank you so much for your fantastic review. Our Kelpy Chewz are truly perfect for teething puppies! We love that you included a video:) ~A&A

A very happy Akita

I was looking for something to give to our Akita to make dry food a little less boring. She likes all 4 of or the flavors. Also, it slows her down a bit while eating so she doesn't get carried away and make herself sick. I'll definitely be ordering more when the supply I have runs out.

Thank you Peter & Pup for Trusting and Trying our SuperGravy 4 recipe bundle.
Wishing 'JOY' to her bowl everyday forward. ~A&A

Fantastic product

I never see my 7 years old small dog so happy. Was sceptical but from the first time it just fantastic. I spent very long time searching for the food and use most expensive toppings for the dry food but this products works fantastic and thank you so much for this products for Amanda and Anthony it's really works well.

Thank you Kirill! We are humbled by your Trust in us and our products. We wish 'JOY to your pups bowl every day forward. ~A&A


Dogs love this flavor mixed with their kibble.

Thank you for taking the time to reveiw our SuperGravy. We are thrilled that you & your pups are a part of our 'BarkTeam' ~A&A

Dogs love the flavor.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write a PAWS up review of our SuperGravy! We wish "JOY" to your pups bowl every day forward.

Picky eater loves this

My GSD is a very picky eater but she loves and devours these gravies. The Barkinara and Paw Jus are her all time favs!! Will order again.

Thank you Christina.
Your Trust & Support means the world to us! Keep an eye out for our weekly promotions and fun fact e-mails:) ~A&A

Super Gravy Paw Jus

On my third large bag since December, my 2 labs love it!

Thank you, Jim, and Labbie's! We are thrilled to bring health & JOY to the bowl.

gravy bundle

I can't believe how much my 2 German Shepherds love all 4 of the gravies in this bundle. Gobble it right down!! Thanks for making it!

This is wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing with others about your experience. It truly means the world to us! ~A&A

Super Gravy

My dogs do not eat one meal without their gravy! There are so many health benefits to feeding them super gravy.

Thank you for taking the time to review our SuperGravy! You have helped our mission: Bring JOY & health ALL dogs. ~A&A

Always a pleasure!

My pup was having a hard time eating his dry kibble by itself after 2+ years of eating the same thing. I could tell he would only eat it when he was starving with no other option. Found this product and he absolutely loves all flavors and feeding time is never an issue anymore! Very happy with everything and will continue purchasing for our best bud.

THANK YOU Katelyn! We are thrilled that SuperGravy has brought 'JOY' back to your pup's bowl.