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The Gravy Mix keeps their attention!!!!

When its time to eat my 3 rescued beagles want the others food! The problem.... is that they all have specific diets for health issues. Oscar has kidney disease and Zeus is a colon cancer survivor. Ike could drop a few pounds. The first time I put the gravy mix in their food.... I knew I had a winner!!! They never lifted their heads from their own bowl until finished!!! On behalf of my 3 senior boys.... THANK YOU!!!

Top product for dogs and a must have in every meals.

Thank you for your great customer services. My 4 dogs loved the all the flavors.

Magnificent! Thank you for the wonderful review. 4 recipes that 4 dogs love. Paws up to them!


I am thoroughly impressed by this company; amazing customer service, all-natural products developed and distributed in the United States, prompt shipping and complete dedication to our loved ones health and safety.

Thank you for ALL that you do!!

Thank you for your kind words about us and our products. It's reviews such as yours that keep us keeping on....! Your continued Trust & Support means the world to us.

Great Stuff!

I had trouble getting my Belgian Malinois to eat. I saw this product advertised and decided to give it a shot. She LOVES it! Great product and wonderful company! Tango's on the right. Her half brother Oscar loves it too!

We are thrilled that you tried our products and had great success. Thank you for your Trust & Support!

Aussie loves them. But sometimes that is all he wants to eat, so I have to be careful about how much I let him have.

Hi Sandra,
Thank you for your positive review! We are so happy that your Aussie loves our TREATS!
My suggestion for getting him to eat his meals would be to crush a few pieces and sprinkle it on top of the food along with a little bit of water... OR try our SuperGravy for 'Joy to the Bowl':)

Easy way to add great nutrition

My dogs eat every single meal with super gravy added to their kibble. They love it and I love that they get added nutrients

You are so right. SuperGravy : Simple and easy way to bring 'JOY'+ needed nutrients to every meal! Thank you Lori & 'PACK'.

My Yorkies Love Lamb Airy Bark & I Love CCP, All Natural, Healthy Treats & Supergravy for Your Fur Babies. They are always giving discounts and usually stick a little freebie in your order. Awesome Mom & Pop Company.

Thank you Jenny!
SHHHHHH. we like to the any extra goodies a surprise :):)

Thank you!

Do you know how hard it is to keep three beagles interested in only their bowl of food?! Well this gravy does the job! Thank you!

Fantastic news! Thank you Katrina for sharing your dogs 'JOY'ful experience!

Super Gravy

Freaking amazing my pup is finished with his food before I put the bowl down, it’s nutritious and for him tastes amazing

We are thrilled to read your very enthusiastic review, Akayla! Thank you!

Paw-Jus Broth the BEST!

My Lana & Kirby absolutely love the Paw-Jus Supergravy broth added to their meals and I feel good knowing that I am adding such beneficial nutrients to their daily regimen.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your review. We are honored to serve your animals!


My rescue dog who never wanted to eat, now begs me to eat!! Finally his ribs aren’t showing anymore. Thank you for this wonderful product


On behalf of my beagle boys....Oscar, Ike and Zeus.... I cannot thank you enough! I have purchased all of the gravy flavors and the boys love them all. All 3 are more interested in what the other is eating....and it is difficult because they each have a specific diet. One for kidney for colon cancer and one needs to be on a low fat diet. With the gravy....they DO NOT leave their bowls until they finish their food! I will continue to order!

We are absolutely thrilled by this wonderful review.
Thank you Katrina & your 'Beagle Boys!'

Wonderful Healthy Lamb Tracey Chews

We were blessed with a wonderful rescue dog a few months ago - she loves the Lamb Trachey Chews - they're not only great for her to chew - they're also healthy! Thank You CCP for all of the healthy and tasty CCP treats and gravies - she loves all of them!

Yay crunchy treats!

My dogs really enjoy the airy bark. Simple yet satisfying!

Another product my dogs love!

Another success! My dogs get a little bit of everything ClearConsciencePet makes, and they are definitely satisfied. From the gravy, to airy bark and bites, the Beef CheddaVegg is another new favorite for my pooches. Sometimes it's hard to get our dog Daisy to come inside, there's usually something out there for her to bark at, but when I shake this treat bag she comes running. Thanks ClearConsciencePet for providing my dogs with great treats!

Thank you so much for your wonderful review of our products. We are blessed to have your Trust & Support. ~ A&A

The best treat!

My dog Millie Moo loves these treats & she is picky. I love that they are enhanced with the dry rub so she is getting something really good for her. Thanks!

Millie Moo is blessed to have a wonderful guardian that adores her and makes sure she gets the best! Thank you for your Trust & Support in us and our company. Sincerely,

Great Product

Love this gravy mix for my Yorkies. They gobble it up. 5 plus 100 stars.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to give SuperGravy a FIVE star PAWS up rating.
It truly means so very much for our small family company to have your Trust & Support.
~ A & A

Lamb Airy Treats Are the Best

They are wonderful! My 3 dogs love them and are so happy when I bring them out! They would keep eating them all if I let them. I feel good and safe giving them all these amazing products. Thankyou so much for making a safe treat,for all out dogs that are our family. I could eat them myself if I wanted to. You know they are quality treats by the smell and I have tasted it, and it is wonderful lamb. Thankyou for treating our beloved dogs the way they should be treated. Bless you all. I'm so happy I found your wonderful company.

Thank you Pam. What a hoot that you have tried our treats yourself! Our Founder makes sure that he gets a bite of every product too:) We truly appreciate your Trust & Support.

Good Stuff

Our Dog is a very picky eater. I worry about dog food and the nutrition and safe meat used. He has been eating better when I poor his gravy on his food every morning.

We are thrilled to hear this wonderful news! Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. It truly means the world to us.

Breakfast now our favorite meal!!

Even though we feed high quality Kibble our pups were getting a little bored. Now breakfast is a happy meal! No longer get the sniff and "You want us to eat this??" Now both Pups chow down, I like the fact that they are getting more nutrition and more liquids to start the day. Thank you!! Looking forward to trying the other flavors!

Also of note: heard about your product thru Loving Hearts for Paws, great organization helping families with unaffordable medical treatments for their pets. Thank you for your support!!

Phenomenal dog treats

My small dog Jake has always been a fussy eater when it comes to treats. When I was filling his stocking he was sleeping on the couch close to me and he immediately woke up and jumped down and started sniffing the package. I told him he needed to wait until tomorrow to get his treats when Santa comes. The next day I opened up the package for the sliders and took one out. I held it up and he grabbed it so fast it was harder for me to take the photo. I took it though.

Great story! So happy to hear that Santa came because Jake was such a good boy this year!! :)

Wonferful Gravy!

My dogs all love this Gravy! It's really great and I am very happy I found it! All these wonderful products are so amazing and I couldn't be happier to give this to my dogs knowing it's very safe and good for them. Thank you for loving animals and not being like these horrible companies that knowingly hurt our animals. Your kindness,is so much appreciated. Thankyou so much, from the bottom of all our hearts for healthy products and loving,animals! Bless you all!

We are so thankful for customers like you, Pam, who take the time to share such positivity!!

Best chew bones!

These lamb trachey bones are truly wonderful! All 3,if,my dogs love them I have a small shitzu, a medium pekinese mix and a large mixed breed. All love them! Also they love every treat, they make here and I am very grateful I found this wonderful company because I feel safe when my dogs are enjoying these great treats because I know they are 100% healthy and from the USA. Thankyou so much, and bless you! Stay safe!

Wow, thank you Pam! We are humbled by your kind words! Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Phenomenal dog treats

Our dog Jake absolutely loves the Lamb Airy Bites. In fact he comes running every time we take it out of the pantry. If we show him the package when it comes in the mail he sniffs it. I highly recommend it for all dogs. It is such a protein packed healthy treat.

Thank you Jake and Sara!! :)

Picky eaters love this

Both of my dogs are very picky with what they eat. Sometimes my one dog won't touch her food for hours after feeding her. I've been using this for a month now and both of my dogs immediately eat their food as soon as I set it down!!

Thank you Logan! Wonderful!