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If it's not on the meal

he's not eating it! Loves the Barkinara and the Paw Jus...

What a smart dog you have! Our goal is to bring 'Joy' to EVERY dog bowl. Thank you for taking the time to share this.

Super Gravy

I love the product and especially my Toy dogs love the product. One not a good eater but she will eat with gravy
on her meals. The other one is not a good drinker but she will get more fluids with the gravy in her meals.

Thank you Jackie! We are thrilled that both of your dogs are getting the important benefits intended with use of SuperGravy with their meals. Send photos:):)

**Love the Super Gravy Doubles**

My girls love, love, love this in their dinner! I have a picky Yorkie who will walk away from her dish if there is no super gravy in there! I have a large lab also who I swear when I say dinner starts to salivate! Will keep ordering for these two and since it is so easy for me to make I am doubly happy!!!❤

Thank you Beth! We would love to see some photos of 'dinnertime drool'
All 4 recipes are terrific for daily variety as well as mixing together for a whole new experience.:)

SuperGravy Trial 4-Pack - Try All 4 Flavors
Jeannie Kavanagh (Clearwater, FL)
Very picky eater

Ryleigh my 4 pound picky eater seems to like them all but especially the arfredo I think. I like the nutritional value it adds to her diet. I especially like the customer service of this small business. They aim to please and I appreciate that. If you have an issue with your order, they more than make it right!

Thank you Jeannie. Our customers and their companions are what keeps us keeping on. As a small family company we feel humbled by your Trust & Support.

Great product!

This is the perfect little treat for dogs! I love the peace of mind knowing the ingredients in these treats are top notch too. Will be back for more!

Sliders are definitely a 'One of a Kind' treat. We will never use glycerin in any of our products, however many other soft/tender treats on the market sadly contain it. Thank you for treating with 'ClearConscience' :)

Great stuff!

I bought this for my brothers dogs and they are obsessed! I’m not sure which flavor is their favorite since they go bananas over all of them, but I would definitely recommend this to others!

Thank you so much for gifting our SuperGravy to your brothers 'Pack' & for taking the time to let others know that they love it. We greatly appreciate it.

The best treats anywhere!

My 3 dogs love everything you make! The Gravies are,all,wonderful and I feel so good giving,them your amazing Gravies, treats, and bones everyday. Thankyou so much for caring about animals the way you do! I finally have found a company I totally trust with the safest, best ingredients. They are so happy to get your treats and Gravy every day. Thankyou for being the kindest and best company there is! I so much appreciate you! Happy NewYear!

Thank you Pam & 'Pack' for this incredible endorsement of your trust in us & our products. We would not be able to continue our mission for the animals with out the support of friends like you. ~ A&A

DoggyJoy Trio: SuperGravy® & Double Treats
Rick Lauritsen (Papillion, NE)
Picky Yorkhestra

I was dubious, but my picky Yorkshire Terriers absolutely LOVE these treats! And I feel good giving them, knowing how healthy they are for them.. Thank You!!!!

'Picky Yorkhestra' That is hysterical! We are thrilled that you & your pack are now a part of our 'BarkTeam'!

A favorite!

My shepherd/lab chow mix loves this gravy! She is no longer a fussy eater and I know she is getting the nutrition she needs as an active ranch dog.

What is her name? Please send a photo. We have a very soft spot for Chow Chows:)
Thank you for your Trust & Support.

SuperGravy & Lamb Airy Bites Combo Deal
Emily Shaw (Bancroft, MI)
Winston loves these

My dog doesn’t like treats he is a very picky eater.but when I give him these lamb bites he eats them up. He loves his cookies!

Thank you Winston & Emily. Welcome to our 'BarkTeam'!

Super gravy

My dog loves this it’s so easy to make and I like the different flavors for my dog. It goes great with her dry food.

'JOY' to the bowl! We are thrilled that you and your dog are happy:) Thank you.

Gift giving quality!

I trust CCPP so much I send their products to my doggie loving friends. Some have become customers themselves! Dogs love it and you can trust the quality. Our girl Penny says, "Hey mom, we planting Super Gravy?"

Our CCP Team cherishes all of our 'BarkTeam' members, however, some are over the top GEMS!!! I am howling at Penny's observation! Thank you for keeping it real. ~ A & A

Lamb Airy Bark™ Dog Treats
Connie White (Shalimar, FL)
Love 'Em

My 2 furbabies (Yorkies) love these treats, and they are very picky! I do have to cut them up in small pieces, but it's not difficult. Yep, they do "Love 'Em."

Thank you Connie, & of course your 'furbabies' , for Trying, Trusting & Loving 'em!
It means the world to us!

Lamb Airy Bites™ Dog Treats
Justin Tomlinson (Washington, DC)
Another great treat from CCP

My guy loves these treats. As a stand alone treat or mixed with his kibble they are devoured quickly.

Thank you Justin for sharing the terrific idea of using our Airy Bites as a treat as well as a topper! Your Trust & Support is greatly appreciated.

Barks & Bites 2 Airy Treat Bags Combo Deal
Tracie Cashi (Knoxville, TN)
This is doggie CRACK!

Here I am ordering the Lamb Airy bites again as it’s time to trim nails in my pack- and these little treats are the ONLY things that they will sit still for. I imagine how they act when they hear this bag opening is how a drug addict acts- they go crazy! Please never stop making them- I also gift 1 bag each Christmas to our shelter. I know it’s not much, but I figure some of their longtime residents deserve a few bites of deliciousness too.

Thank you Tracie & 'Pack! Your review made us HOWL. You are very kind to gift some of your 'STASH' with your local shelter. e-mail us and we will match your gift to ensure 'JOY' for more animals.

SuperGravy Trial 4-Pack - Try All 4 Flavors
Wynn Datillio (Tallahassee, FL)
Super Gravy 4-pack

Honestly, I have only tried Paw Jus and Barkima so far (as a gravy topper), but my little Yorkie loved both of these flavors. I am sure she is going to love the other two flavors as well!

Thank you for Trusting & Trying our SuperGravy 4pk. It is the absolute best way to bring JOY to the bowl! Welcome to our 'BarkTeam'!

Great Treats

My yorkies love these and I love knowing they contain healthy ingredients!

Thank you & your Pups for giving Sliders 'All PAWS' up review . Welcome to our 'BarkTeam'!

Crazy gravey!

Our 7 year dog loves her dinner when gravy is mixed on top. She stomps her feet and snaps her jaws when it’s time to eat. She slo enjoys the gravy on top! Thank you!

:):):) We would love to see a snapshot of her antics! Thank you for the fun review.

Love the super gravy

My dog love it sprinkled on their food. I no it’s really good for them too. They eat Primal freeze dried rehydrated and super gravy on top. Thank you so much!!

Thank you so much Janet! You are taking wonderful care of your PUP's. We would love to see a few photos:)

SuperGravy & Lamb Airy Bites Combo Deal
Irma Trantham (Laurinburg, NC)
My Yorkie Babies Love It!

I am very particular about what my babies eat because my little girl is highly allergic. She and my little boy both love the airy bites and they lap up the super gravy! I pour it on their raw dog food and they can't get enough! Keep these great products coming! We appreciate you and the love your pour into your company and your products. God bless you!

Thank you Irma! We are humbled by your lovely review. Our Founder, Anthony, promises each & every day to continue researching & formulating more wonderful products for our animals.

Pups loved it!

When I added the beef gravy dry mix to their food, and mixed it with a bit of water, they gobbled their food down without any hesitation.

Fantastic news. Thank you Brenda. Send us some pictures of your Pups!
'JOY' to the bowl

Great products

I feed my 2 pups the broth along with their primal raw dog food, its good for their gut!

Thank you Jill! You are so right, SuperGravy helps tremendously with digestion/gut health.
'Joy' to the bowl = 'Joy' to the belly.

1 Morkie & 6 Chihuahuas

I am so happy I found this company that makes something healthy for my fur kids.
They love the super gravy.

Hi Rene, THANK YOU for including the fantastically adorable photos of your 'PACK' along with their 5 star 24 PAWS approval.
Welcome to our 'BarkTeam'.

SuperGravy® Paw Jus™ 7-Day Trial Pack
Blosssom’s mom (Salt Lake City, UT)
Great for picky eater

It’s only been 3 days, but after trying numerous ways to entice my miniature schnauzer to eat her low fat food (necessary after having pancreatitis), she’s gobbling up her whole bowl of food with this gravy. It did take her a few days to get used to it, but after I started to warm it up before mixing it with her kibble, she really seems to like it. Prior to trying this, she would often hold out until bedtime before eating and that was only because she wanted her bedtime treats (yes, she’s very manipulative and strong willed). So far, no problems with diarrhea or vomiting. Hoping she’ll continue to eat her food with gravy! Highly recommend if you have a picky eater!

Hi Blosssom & MOM,
Thank you for trying & trusting our SuperGravy! We are thrilled that neither one of you gave up. You now have the perfect way to ensure her optimum health. PS We love getting photos!!!

Sissy loves them

So my York is had to get some teeth pulled and these are the perfect treat

Hello Catherine,
We are so happy that you and your PUP have found a wonderful healthy treat to bring 'JOY'
Thank you so much for your support & sharing your story.