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Great for picky eaters

This is so good for my girl that had suffered from pancreatitis. She can now have this with no issues and she absolutely loves it. I would highly recommend this for your pick eater or if you baby has or had pancreatitis

Hello Penny, we thank you for sharing with others about your experience with your Pup and SuperGravy. Your support & trust means the world to us. ~A&A

Lamb Airy Bark™ Dog Treats
Marie (Georgetown, DE)
Willy’s favorite!

My dog absolutely loves the Lamb Airy bites!

Hi Marie & Willie, thank you for your Trust in our 'CleanLabel products! ~A&A

Add some cheese

Finally my picky pomeranian will eat his kibble missed with the toppers (and a dash of shredded cheese)
Thank you so much for letting him try the other kinds. With the added lil cheese he eats all 3 now!!! Thank you thank you thank you!

Terrific news! Thank you for sharing this with us and others looking for just the right thing to bring JOY to the bowl. ~A&A

Life Changing

After spending money on many topper through the last 8 months and my wee Biewer refusing food on a daily basis I found Clear Conscience. Now my Duchess sits at her bowl waiting at all appropriate feeding times and gobbles up her food so fast it’s miraculous!! Thank you for a wonderful “healthy” product.

We are thrilled that our SuperGravy is bringing 'JOY' to her bowl! Thank you so much for your Trust & Support in us and our products. ~A&A


My 2 year old, old English Mastiff is the poster child for PICKY! When I first received the trial package she didn't take to it like I hoped she would. So I put it on the shelf and made my own topper for her. After almost two and a half weeks I decided to give it another try. I opened the package and she came over to me and tried to put her face in the packet but her head is too big but she did manage to get a lick with her tongue. From that point it was all downhill! She never finishes her morning meal completely but with the Supergravy she not only empties her dish she licks the bowl clean. For the last couple of days she cleans her dish out at every feeding. Don't know what I did wrong the first time I tried it but I am very glad I tried it a second time. When I finish the trial bundle I will be ordering more. Thank you for this wonderful product!

Yahoo! Your story is wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing the journey of getting your 'Picky' PUP to enJOY meals with SuperGravy. ~A&A

Beef sliders

Oh my dogs luv them! I break them in half cause they are small chihuahua’s. And they luv super gravy too!

LUCKY PUPS to have such a terrific MOM! Thank you, Janet for your Trust & Support! ~A&A

Simply amazing!

I’ve been feeding all of my dogs Super Gravy for several years! It’s a fan favorite to be sure, and my pups clean the bowl! This company cares about our pets, and their amazing high quality products prove it! Thanks CCP for helping to keep our pets healthy, happy and strong!

Hi Mary & Pup(s),
Thank you so much for your fantastic review! We are thrilled that you sent photos. We love when we can put a face on our special 'BarkTeam' dogs. Your Trust & Support means the world to us. ~A&A

Doggy approved

My four pups like the Supergravies very much. They enjoy them so much so that I count on them whenever one of them is under the weather and needs extra encouragement to eat or extra nutrition.

Thank you Ileana for the 'All Paws Up' Review!! We are so happy that SuperGravy is always there when they need it!

Dog still picky

The product you sent me maybe helped a little bit but he really doesn't little the amont of water you recommend so I put a little bit on the food with the mix. I'm disappointed I thought that it would help him eat more. It doesn't.

Hello Theresa,
Thank you for your honest review. The water that one adds to our SuperGravy recipe is absolutely a suggested amount. It is important to alter it to your PUPS liking, however, I am disappointed too that your pup is still not eating as you would like.
You could try pre-mixing SuperGravy with warm water and vigorously shake well. This way you can decide how much moisture you would like to add. We have many customers that have chosen to mix several recipes together in order to have more of a variety each meal. I am happy to jump on a call for more suggestions. Sincerely, Amanda Co-Founder

All the pups love the gravy!!

Nova, Nox and Betty all get excited at feeding, ever since we started using the super gravy. Lot's of puppy chatter as they are waiting for their food. They love it and I love the nutrition they are all getting!! It's a win win!!

Honestly, we have never heard the term 'Puppy Chatter' however we think it should be part of our daily vocabulary! Thank you for your wonderful review as well as making us smile.
Perhaps you could send us a short video of the chatter:):)?

Kelpy Chewz Beef Tubes
CHarles Padilla (Santa Fe, NM)
Fabulous Products

I have been ordering from Clear Conscience Pet for quite some time .. AND .. I will say .. or shall I say that my three pitties LOVE a everything I have ordered. From the SuperGravies to treats and most recent, the Kelpy Chewz .. my three LOVE, LOVE them.

Thank You Clear Conscience Pet for ALL your fabulous products.

Dear '3 pitties' and Charles, we are honored to have you part of our 'BarkTeam'. Your long-time support in us and our products is what helps us keep on keepin' on!! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. ~A&A

Best, Healthy Treat for all my dogs!

I cannot write enough and give praise where it is certainly due! Every one should know about your company and your amazing products. I tell everyone I can and write everywhere because I want All dogs to get
a chance to have your delicious treats and be as healthy as all 3 of my dogs. They all love these and are so excited and would eat 10 bags if I let them so thank you so much for making all your treats so healthy. I am a customer for life and I am so glad that I found your gravies and all your treats! They are all so wonderful and I appreciate how much you love dogs and I only will get my dogs treats from the best companies, you are certainly at the top of my list and truly I have been researching for so long about every food and every treat that I can find so thank you so much! Maybe we will all be blessed and you will make dog food one of these days! Bless you all thank you for contributing and making my beautiful dogs so happy and healthy!

WOW!! Thank you, Pam. Your review is humbling. We can't thank you enough for your trust, support as well as sharing information with others about our company. It truly means the world to us. ~A&A

Dogs love it !

We started buying this because our older dog is on some powder meds we mix with his food. He refused to eat his food until we started adding the gravy!

Thank you Marrianne. We are thrilled that our SuperGarvy recipes have given your Pup 'JOY' back to his bowl. ~A&A

Kelpy Chewz Beef Ringz
Cheryl Bennie (Bellmawr, NJ)
A New Favorite Treat

Our dog, Emma loves the Kelpy Chewz Beef Ringz. We think she loves them as much as her long time favorite treat, Lamb Airy Bark. We love them because they are healthy like all CCP treats and they are not messy and keep her happy!

Thank you Cheryl and Emma! Your review is wonderful. We can't thank you enough for your Trust & Support. ~A&A PS Please send some photos:)

Kelpy Chewz Beef Ringz
Suzanne Ayres (Mount Airy, MD)
Chews are Excellent

My dogs are very happy with the kelpy chews. They enjoyed them and are most likely hoping for another! I would highly recommend them.

Hi Suzanne & Pups,
Thank you so much for the ALL PAWS up share with others. Reviews such as yours mean the world to us! ~A&A

Kelpy Chewz Beef Tubes
Captain (Madison, WI)
My 7 month Golden Retriever LOVE EM!

Finding an all natural, safe and digestible chew is so important - but my Golden Ret must like it too! The Kelby Tubes are awesome. She love chewing on them and I fell great about having her chew them up.

Hi Captain,
We are overjoyed that you love our NEW Kelpy Chewz. We have a soft spot for Goldies and would love to see a few photos of you :):) Thanks so much for your Trust & Support. ~A&A

Kelpy Chewz Beef Tubes
Carolyn Bixby (Assaria, KS)
Love this

I can truthfully say that everything I have gotten here my dogs LOVE! I currently have a 5-month-old Great Dane puppy. She loves the Kelpy Chewz Beef Tubes. She is outside right now chewing to her hearts content. If you haven't tried the Lamb Airy Bark or the Sliders, I highly recommend those too! Thank you for such great products and the wonderful customer service.

Thank you so much for your awesome review of our NEW Chewz as well as your amazing comments regarding our other products. Your Trust & Support means the world to us! ~A&A

Kelpy Chewz Beef Tubes
Laura Simpson Simpson
My dogs love them!!!!

I appreciate such great customer service!

Thanks Laura! We appreciate such great customers!!! :)

Benny loves these

Wasn’t sure how he would go for these but he sure does! We leave it outside and he returns to it each time I let him out.

Hi Jill,
We are so happy that Benny loves our NEW Kelpy Chewz! Thank you for sending photos of him enJOYing them. We look forward to seeing his bright white teeth and pink gums after a few more:):) ~A&A

Lamb Airy Bark™ Dog Treats
Ileana Letourneau (Hialeah, FL)
Excellent treat(lamb airy bark)

My four pups love and dance for these treats. They also loved the lamb airy bites but don’t miss them because I just break up the lamb airy bark into small pieces . I works great. Awesome product.

Thank you so much Lleana for letting others know how easy and fun our Airy Bark is! It truly is perfect for ALL sized PUPs. Your support means the world to us. ~A&A

Kelpy Chewz Beef Tubes
Cindy H (Denver, CO)
My Dogs Love it!!!

I have 3 dogs and they loved the Kelpy Chewz Beef Tubes. Ive never seen them enjoy chewing on something like they did these chewz. The dogs are 15 lbs each and they had no trouble chewing on these tubes. I love knowing they are so good for them and for their teeth! I just need to be better at taking them away about half way through...they devoured them and I would like them to last at least a couple of chewing sessions. :)

Thanks Cindy! After testing and trying with our own we understand the dilemma of trying to take them away at any time:) This is why we offer Tubes & Ringz (sliced cuts) it gives option and either one will do a fantastic job at cleaning the teeth as well as bringing them JOY! Thank you for your Trust! ~A&A

Best products any where!

I can't say it enough! That's why I love to leave reviews whenever I visit everywhere to let others know about these amazing foods. I give my friends and family gravy and treats to try and they are all hooked now too! I want their dogs to be the healthiest they can be. I am a lifetime customer and my dogs love the gravy, the treats, and the chews.They are so healthy with all these wonderful products that I was blessed to find. I have a 15 year old who I have been giving this all to for so long, and another 10 and 5 year old also. I can't ever be without the gravy, it's a staple in their homemade food, so Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Now if a dog and cat food became available, our lives would be complete! May be someday?❤

Hi Pam,
Your thoughtful review humbles us & your wish for a complete diet made us smile. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing what you know about us and our products with family and friends. ALL dogs deserve to be the healthiest they can be and we promise to continue to make products that will bring us to this goal. Thank you for your TRUST. ~A&A

Kelpy Chewz Beef Tubes
Mirta Hess-Loedel (The Bronx, NY)

Kelpy Chewz Beef Tubes

Thank you!

Kelpy Chewz Beef Ringz
Amy Marcinczyk (Woodstock, GA)
Kelp chews

My 3 dogs love these chews! What an amazing new product to add to my orders. Thanks for always using the best ingredients for your products, you are much appreciated!!

We appreciate YOU & your longtime Trust & Support in us and our products. Thank you so very much! ~A&A

Kelpy Chewz Beef Tubes
Julianette Ortiz (Orlando, FL)

My dog goes nuts over these. He loves them and they last him a long time!

This is wonderful! Thank you for taking the time to review our NEWest product and letting others know how much you like them. It means the world to us. ~A&A