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Lamb Airy Bites™ Dog Treats
ALAN PAUL (Maplewood, NJ)
Like healthy crack for my pooch

She loves these things more than words can say.

Hello Alan, Thank you for your hilariously TRUE review.
It is a pleasure to hear such a raving description. We are humbled by your Support & Trust.

Sliders® Beef Cheddavegg™ Functional Artisan Dog Treats

Thank you for the 5 stars! 'JOY' to the Bowl.

What’s not to like about Bon A’ La Goat!

Bone broth and goats milk is a great combination. Both of my dogs cleaned their bowls eagerly and begged for seconds.

Hi Judy,
We are thrilled that your dogs are feeling the 'JOY'! Yes, our newest recipe with the bone broth & goat's milk combo is a true gem. Thanks so much for the PAWS up.

Lamb Airy Bites™ Dog Treats
Tammi Abernethy (Lincolnton, NC)
My Dogs Love Them

A little crunch goes a long way. These little bites pack a big punch. My dogs love them.

Hi Tammie,
THANK YOU so very much for taking the time to share the 'JOY' Your trust means the world to us.

SuperGravy & Lamb Airy Bites Combo Deal
Sarah Coulter (Matthews, NC)

I love saving money, even if it's just a few dollars! Getting healthy treats with SuperGravy is great! And getting a trial size of another treat was such a bonus! My 2 love the Lamb Airy Bites. The SuperGravy is a hit too!

Hi Sarah,
We are thrilled that you were pleased with your extra goody, as well as proud that you & your 'PACK' is a part of our very special 'BarkTeam'.

The best!

Healthy and apparently delicious. We haven’t tasted them, but our dog can’t get enough of them. We love supporting the founders. They really care about dog nutrition, and are constantly coming out with innovative award winning products.

Thank you Ray! I must say I am surprised you haven't tasted them yourself...Anthony nibbles on them occasionally with his morning coffee:):)

Lamb Airy Bites™ Dog Treats
Angela Rhone (Brownsburg, IN)
Loves them

My 14 week old pup loves these!

Thank you Angela. What a lucky PUP to have a wonderful guardian like you. We would love to know his name and please share photos too!

Miko is happy

Now he has a lung chew that's big enough. He doesn't always eat them, but when he is in the mood, he will chew happily on these tasty treats.

Thank you! We are so happy that Miko now has a treat that fits his wishes:):)

Miko Loves Airy Bites

I have the world's pickiest dog although his vet says he's just self-regulating and that's good. He will eat his food if I sprinkle on the super gravy powder and I'm sure it's only because he knows he can have an airy bite as dessert. I just wish they were a bit bigger than training treat size because he thinks he needs more. Tough love is hard for my fur baby.

Thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback.
No need for tough love, Miko needs to try our Airy BARK. Same exact 'CleanLabel 'ingredients, however they are larger pieces that helps you decide how much or little:( to treat with! Very easy to break into portions. Your Trust & Support is greatly appreciated.

Lamb Airy Bark™ Dog Treats
Dusty Gres (Forsyth, GA)
Dogs demand them

Our dogs actually go to where the treats are kept and bark & carry on until they get one. These treats are excellent for owner training!

Dusty, thank you for your awesome review! As a long time supporter of us & our products your feedback is greatly appreciated. ~A&A

My Yorkie loves them

Hi Sandy, Thank you so much for taking the time to let others know that your PUP has given our treats 'PAWS UP'!

Barks & Bites 2 Airy Treat Bags Combo Deal
Shirley CLemons (Taylorsville, KY)

My dog loves these treats

This is wonderful news! Thank you so very much for trying & trusting our products for your beloved 'pack'. ~ A& A

SuperGravy Barkinara dog food topper

My little Toto seems to like it very much. He is a very finicky dog. Thank you.

Hi Allison and Toto,
We are thrilled that we are able to help Toto en'JOY' his meals as well as hydrate and add essential nutrients to his diet. Thank you for taking the time to share your review. ~ A & A

Dog loved it

My dog love both of what I order. Even my brother's dog she's very picky eater and she love the sliders.

Yahoooooo! We adore it when we receive reviews such as yours! Thank you so much for taking the time to share. A & A

SuperGravy® Paw Jus™ Dog Food Topper Gravy & Broth Mix
Robin Suplicki (Berkeley Heights, NJ)

I have been using super gravy for my German Shepard, Kaiser, for the past few years. He was diagnosed at an early age with a rare form of IBD and he became very finicky about eating. Sine introducing super gravy in his diet, he may skip a meal but not the gravy. I give it to him in a bowl before he eats. The company has been one of the best I have dealt with in dealing/coping with Kaisers issues.

Thank you Robin & Kaiser! We are incredibly honored to have you share this information for others to see. From the looks of the beautiful collection of photos you have attached your entire 'PACK' looks happy and healthy:) 'JOY' to everyone's bowls! Thanks again. ~ A & A

Lamb Trachey Chewz™ Dog Chews
monica allen (Springfield, IL)
healthy & functional

my fur baby LOVES these!! we recently switched to a raw diet for my lil guy and it's been a bit of an adjustment. however, he seems to really like these and gets super excited when he sees me pickup the bag. once i give it to him, he saunters off and looks back at me as if to say "thanks mom!" it keeps him busy for a lil while (i break it to where each stick gives me about 4 treats for him - he's a lil guy) and then it's gone! i appreciate a truly natural product, not just one that SAYS it is. they ARE a lil pricey, but what healthy food/treat isn't?? and who can put a price on the health of our furbabies. i guess i'll be putting these on auto-shipment.

Thank you Monica & Pup.
We do our very best to offer all of our products at the best price possible and love to send weekly promotions for our 'BarkTeam' elites! & remember our Trachey chews are not just a regular treat. Our Superfood dry rub (Kelp, flax, spinach...) is roasted within each one. Trachea contains natural glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy joints and they are wonderful to help keep gums and teeth clean. Thanks again for your trust & support! ~A & A

All 3 of my Morkies love SuperGravy Paw Jus!!

Thank you for Trusting & Trying our SuperGravy for your 'PACK'. We adore Morkies & would love to see some photos.:)

Good Healthy Products

My 3 Yorkies Love ALL your treats and Supergravy. They get the supergravy on their raw food every day. I've got a pycky eater so I grind up the Sliders and keep in a container, sprinkle a little on my picky girls food each meal. I gave one with only 2 teeth so I mix the ground up slider powder with supergravy for her treat when the other 2 get lamb airy bark of raw bones for theirs. I Love Your CO., Honest, Family Owned Small Business ❤️

We love hearing the clever ways you have figured for you whole 'PACK' to enJOY their meals & treat-time. Thank you for taking the time to share!

Lamb Airy Bark™ Dog Treats
felicity harvey (Seattle, WA)
Organ meats are nutritious!

My dogs are fed a great diet so treats are something I look at carefully. I appreciate the fact these treats offer a nice crunch in addition to being a nutritious organ meat. High paw up from my three!

This is sensational! High PAW right back to you ALL! Thank you.

Super gravy

My dogs love it in there food. It has alot of healthy ingredients for my dogs , I have 2 chihuahuas and they love it.

Lamb Trachey Chewz™ Dog Chews
Sandi Comeaux (Fort Worth, TX)

Lamb Trachey Chewz™ Dog Chews

O U T S T A N D I N G !

I have yet to find a Clear Conscience Pet product that my dog doesn't love, the Sliders, included! Nova, my new rescue dog, has no prior knowledge of CCP, so is unbiased. Yes, she has been picky about other products. Another home run, and I am thrilled! Another healthy and delicious snack for my dog from CCP!

Every night is Arfredo

Titan loves cheese! Who doesn't right? I put Arfredo on his food for his supper. Don't let me mistakenly give him another flavor...he expects it. He loves all the gravy flavors but this one he has everyday. I appreciate these gravies because my boy has to have a supplement with his meals and it makes it palatable for him. I am so glad I found this great company!

My dog LOVES these!

Received quickly. Quality, natural treat that my little Morkie goes crazy over! So glad we found these. These worked perfectly for potty training; no more accidents since she now realizes this is her reward.

Bambi loves it

My Yorkie loves the super gravy