SuperGravy & Lamb Airy Bark Combo Deal

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Lamb Airy Bark: This treat is formulated with a light and “Airy” texture that makes it simple to break into whatever size treat you prefer for ANY dog- young or old, big or small.; (2.8 oz.)

SuperGravy is the ultimate pet food topper. Choose from three holistically balanced dry mixes that transform dry kibble into delicious moist meals and add live probiotics and enzymes for healthier digestion. (4.5 oz. SuperGravy makes 30 Gravy servings or 6 quarts of hydrating broth).


Choosing the Right SuperGravy for your Dog: Click for Guide

Guide to SuperGravy Ingredients: Click for Guide

Made in the USA

SuperGravy® and all Clear Conscience Pet® treats are made in the USA in USDA inspected plants. PROTEINS: All animal-based proteins are 100% USA made from American ranches and dairy farms. Animal-based protein sources include Beef liver, Pork liver, Greek Yogurt, Beef Bone Broth, Dried Parmesan Cheese, Dried Provolone Cheese, and Dried Romano cheese. VEGETABLES: Most of our dried vegetables are made in the USA, and some from Europe. Our Sea Kelp comes from Iceland and Ireland, and Chia Seed comes from South America. There are NO ingredients from China or India. PROBIOTICS, PREBIOTICS, and DIGESTIVE ENZYMES: Our TRIGESTIVE ™ digestive health complex is made in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Good choice for my picky pup

Miko decides day to day what tastes good to him but with the Paw Jus he will eat almost everything. He also has finicky taste in jerky chews. The Airy Bites are rarely turned down. I take them plus the Paw Jus when we go camping along with his favored food of choice. I know he won't starve but it makes me feel better if he will eat at least once a day.