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Customer Reviews

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Mary Lou Norman (Manlius, NY)
gravy bundle

I can't believe how much my 2 German Shepherds love all 4 of the gravies in this bundle. Gobble it right down!! Thanks for making it!

This is wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing with others about your experience. It truly means the world to us! ~A&A

katelyn balke (Centereach, NY)
Always a pleasure!

My pup was having a hard time eating his dry kibble by itself after 2+ years of eating the same thing. I could tell he would only eat it when he was starving with no other option. Found this product and he absolutely loves all flavors and feeding time is never an issue anymore! Very happy with everything and will continue purchasing for our best bud.

THANK YOU Katelyn! We are thrilled that SuperGravy has brought 'JOY' back to your pup's bowl.

Lila Turner (Waco, TX)
Miracle gravy!

I say this because my dog wasn’t eating and when I added this topper she ate her food with enthusiasm.

Thank you so much for Trusting & Trying our SuperGravy recipes! We are thrilled that your pup has 'Joy' in her bowl. ~A&A

Vicki Smith (Punta Gorda, FL)
Super gravy

I use Super Gravy every day with my Yorkie and my Cairn terriers. They love to lap up the juice but the reason I give it is not to entice them…rather it is to ensure that they get all of the extra vitamins and nutrients in the product. I always get the combination packets so my babies have a well rounded choice to add to their food. All natural and healthy! Easy to make, I keep it in a squeeze bottle in the refrigerator making it easy to squeeze on their food. I plan on using it for the life of both of my pets…it’s that good for them!!! 🐾💕🐾

Thank you Vicki! We are absolutely thrilled to hear that your 'pack' is loving our SuperGravy recipes.
You are a terrific Doggie MOM. ~A&A

Theresa Daniels (Denver, CO)
Dog still picky

The product you sent me maybe helped a little bit but he really doesn't little the amont of water you recommend so I put a little bit on the food with the mix. I'm disappointed I thought that it would help him eat more. It doesn't.

Hello Theresa,
Thank you for your honest review. The water that one adds to our SuperGravy recipe is absolutely a suggested amount. It is important to alter it to your PUPS liking, however, I am disappointed too that your pup is still not eating as you would like.
You could try pre-mixing SuperGravy with warm water and vigorously shake well. This way you can decide how much moisture you would like to add. We have many customers that have chosen to mix several recipes together in order to have more of a variety each meal. I am happy to jump on a call for more suggestions. Sincerely, Amanda Co-Founder

Carolyn Boorse (Perkiomenville, PA)
All the pups love the gravy!!

Nova, Nox and Betty all get excited at feeding, ever since we started using the super gravy. Lot's of puppy chatter as they are waiting for their food. They love it and I love the nutrition they are all getting!! It's a win win!!

Honestly, we have never heard the term 'Puppy Chatter' however we think it should be part of our daily vocabulary! Thank you for your wonderful review as well as making us smile.
Perhaps you could send us a short video of the chatter:):)?

Pamela Bell (Ontario, NY)
Best products any where!

I can't say it enough! That's why I love to leave reviews whenever I visit everywhere to let others know about these amazing foods. I give my friends and family gravy and treats to try and they are all hooked now too! I want their dogs to be the healthiest they can be. I am a lifetime customer and my dogs love the gravy, the treats, and the chews.They are so healthy with all these wonderful products that I was blessed to find. I have a 15 year old who I have been giving this all to for so long, and another 10 and 5 year old also. I can't ever be without the gravy, it's a staple in their homemade food, so Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Now if a dog and cat food became available, our lives would be complete! May be someday?❤

Hi Pam,
Your thoughtful review humbles us & your wish for a complete diet made us smile. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing what you know about us and our products with family and friends. ALL dogs deserve to be the healthiest they can be and we promise to continue to make products that will bring us to this goal. Thank you for your TRUST. ~A&A

Yvette DeLaO (Albuquerque, NM)
Great gravy!!

My 15 yo husky/heeler, Miklo, has become a super picky eater and now he looks forward to meal time because he knows there will be gravy on his food :-)

We are thrilled with your 5 STAR DOG(s) approval! Thank you for your Trust. ~A&A

Pamela Bell (Ontario, NY)
Best Gravy for my dogs!

I can't say enough wonderful things about these gravys! They are all wonderful and I really can't be without them. I have been feeding my dog homemade food with the gravy now for over 2 years and all my 3 dogs thrive on them. I never run out because if I did it would be so dry and my dogs would not enjoy their food as much at all, Even my cat loves,them on his food! Thankyou for the wonderful nutritious products and flavors! I'm so lucky I found them and you!

Thank you Pam.
We are the lucky ones! Having customers like you Trusting and Supporting us is what keeps us motivated:) Keep an eye out for new products coming soon! Shhhhh:):)

Melissa (Rahway, NJ)
One dog loves it, the other is still picky

Easy to mix into a squeeze bottle so I can have four portions ready to go. The Paw Jus and Arfredo seem to be the ones my picky female likes best, and my very not-picky male eats anything I put in front of him. He is blind, and sometimes seems to drink less water than he should, so this is a good way to help him with adequate hydration.

Hi Melissa & Pups,
Thank you so much for your thoughtful review. Feel free to combine any of our four recipes together and/or alternate the flavors.
Try them in a 'stand alone' broth for more hydration too.
We have many fun recipes on our site that you may like! ~A&A