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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

My dogs love it. It’s a nice addition to their meals

This is wonderful. We thank you for your Trust & Support! ~A&A

MW (Hot Springs Village, AR)

haven't tried it yet.

Good morning,
I hope that your pup is recovering well from surgery and that our SuperGravy recipes are helping with appetite, hydration, and digestion which is SUPER important after anesthesia. Please let me know if you have any questions and I am happy to help in any way I can.
Thank you for your Trust & Support. Sincerely, Amanda Co-Founder

Michael Greco (Cape Coral, FL)
Our picky pup loves it!

We’ve been having trouble getting our dog to eat his food, but this is no longer a problem with the gravies He loves the flavors and ends up licking the bowl clean!

Hi Michael, Thank you so much for taking the time to write this review. Brilliant of you to choose our variety pack when you have a picky PUP. Thank you for your Trust! ~A&A

Katherine Arroyo (Rohnert Park, CA)
Dog gravy

My 2 dogs love it when I mix it in their food they
Lick their bowl clean.

Hi Katherine, We call that 'JOY' to the Bowl! :)
Thank you so much for taking the time to send your review. ~A&A

Candice McGee (Novato, CA)
Maisey loves this Gravy

My dane is very picky, but when my daughter told me about your Gravies I wasnt sure, but I bought the 3 trial pack and she loves all 3 flavors. Thank you for making her tummy happy.

Quyen PHam (Fountain Valley, CA)
Top product for dogs and a must have in every meals.

Thank you for your great customer services. My 4 dogs loved the all the flavors.

Magnificent! Thank you for the wonderful review. 4 recipes that 4 dogs love. Paws up to them!

Katrina Owens (Cockeysville, MD)
Thank you!

Do you know how hard it is to keep three beagles interested in only their bowl of food?! Well this gravy does the job! Thank you!

Fantastic news! Thank you Katrina for sharing your dogs 'JOY'ful experience!

Sara McGarry
Super gravy

Our dog Jake is so funny. We recently ran out of Super Gravy so I had to give him his food dry and so he barks at us because he is trying to tell us that something is missing. He is looking forward to his super gravy soon.

Please tell Jake his 'JOY' to the bowl is on the way:)
Thank you so much. ~A & A

Emily R.
5 Stars from a picky eater!

When I first tried the super gravy I was for sure that my dog Fowler would not take a liking to it. To my surprise right when I put his bowl on the ground he started scarfing it down. usually he has to walk around the kitchen table a few times and then start in but this time he didn't! So not only does it get approved by a picky eater like Fowler it also gets approved by me as a pet parent that wants to know that what they're feeding their dog is good for them. I will definitely be buying another bag in the future!

What a wonderful review. Thank you so much! ~A&A

Michelle Conatser
SuperGravy has changed Bean's Life

Bean is a diva. She also suffers from allergies. As a fun bonus, about 2 years ago, she started to get very picky about eating (to be read as, she stopped eating). After all medical reasons were ruled out, we were informed that sometimes dogs lose their sense of taste as they get older and therefore lose their appetite. We searched all over, and literally stumbled upon Super Gravy through CCP. On a last chance whim, I placed an order. Since that point about a year and a half ago, Bean has enthusiastically eaten her food regularly. She's had a chance to try all the flavors, and loves them all. They don't impact her allergies, or her sensitive stomach.

We have used the gravy to make frozen treats in the warmer months.

I cannot speak more positively about this company and this specific product.