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Awards & Honors

Clear Conscience Pet: The Most Awarded Brand in Pet Nutrition history!


Our family-owned American company has been humbled to win 25 AWARDS for nutritional excellence, innovation, and sustainability since our founding 10 years ago.

How does our small family company win so many awards?  We lead through constant innovation and invention, and while mega-corporations wait for new trends to emerge, we set those new trends. Our focus is on advancing the health and happiness of companion animals, not on slick marketing.  We treat our customers and their animals like family and provide exceptional service. If we can’t make a product the BEST in it’s category, we don’t bother making it at all. That’s the Clear Conscience Pet difference.

Latest awards: We are pleased to announce that CCP has won TWO 2020 Eco Excellence Awards! We are the only pet nutrition company to win in two categories, Pet Food and Pet Treats

Animal Wellness Magazine 2021 Product Pick & Approved: SuperGravy Bon A' La Goat!


We are thrilled to announce that Animal Wellness magazine has awarded SuperGravy Bon A’ La Goat as a 2021 Product Pick and an Animal Wellness Approved selection!

SuperGravy full line: 2020 Eco Excellence Award Winner!


SuperGravy by Clear Conscience Pet has done it again, beating four bigger companies for the 10th Anniversary Eco Excellence Award for Pet Food! Our victory was based on two new innovations: the TRIGESTIVE™  3-Way gut health blend with active Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Enzymes; plus our new BTC™ anti-inflammatory Bio-Active Turmeric Complex. SuperGravy powder mixes are true Eco Superstars: they only require 1.4% of the weight and 4.5% of the cubic space compared to liquid toppers like premade bone broth. That’s an enormous difference in environmental impact.

SuperGravy Eco Excellence Awards Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOJLNBcQ-iY

SLIDERS Artisan Functional dog treats: 2020 Eco Excellence Award Winners, Pet Treats Category

SLIDERS® by Clear Conscience Pet are a new breakthrough in healthy dog treats, and they have been named WINNERS of the 2020 Eco Excellence Awards!  SLIDERS are a unique innovation in healthy dog treats. Instead of biscuits or “cookies” loaded with carbs, tough stringy jerkies, or “gummy” soft chews with synthetic supplements, new SLIDERS combine delicious tender beef or pork,  crafted with healthy superfoods and our new Bioactive Turmeric Complex. BTC™ with Cool-It™ nutraceuticals features 95% curcumin turmeric extract, organic coconut oil, black pepper extract, cinnamon, ginger, and more to cool the systemic inflammation linked to numerous health problems in dogs.

SLIDERS® Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvYe6xz7axs

SuperGravy Pet Food Toppers Win 2020 Editor’s Choice Award

Clear Conscience Pet topper line features added taurine to address DCM concerns and “TRIGESTIVE” gut health support with probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes

Pet Media PR has named SuperGravy pet food toppers by Clear Conscience Pet as recipients of our 2020 Editor’s Choice award.

Our editorial board tested SuperGravy and chose it as a winner based on quality ingredients, innovation, nutritional benefits, ease of use, sustainability, consumer value, and verified reviews. 

The holistic dry mixes come in 3 recipes that blend with water to make appetite-boosting healthy gravy toppers instantly in the bowl. SuperGravy mixes also make energy broth by the quart or gallon.

The newly relaunched SuperGravy still delivers great taste for picky eaters, but now features several functional upgrades. These new formulas are the first toppers we have seen that provide guaranteed levels of supplemental taurine to support overall carnivore health and to help address growing concerns about canine DCM (dilated cardiomyopathy).

In addition, SuperGravy now gives dogs three-way gut microbiome support with Clear Conscience Pet’s TRIGESTIVE™ blend of broad-spectrum probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes. The relaunched line also features attractive new packaging. Despite the nutritional upgrades, new SuperGravy has maintained its suggested retail of $15.95 for a 30-serving pouch, which is about 55 cents per serving. That makes SuperGravy among the best values in the fast-growing pet food topper category. The instant mixes blend very well with kibble and other foods, and offer a more cost-effective option than premixed broths, canned foods, or freeze-dried toppers.

“Pet Media PR CCP selected the original line for our Editor’s Choice Award back in 2013,” said PMPR President Gregg Oehler. “Based on these new innovations, SuperGravy has earned the distinction of being a rare two-time winner.”

2018 Eco Excellence Awards Winner

Clear Conscience Pet is humbled to announce that SuperGravy has been named as the Winner of the 2018 Eco Excellence Awards for Best Pet Products/Food Category! Our family company was chosen as one of 5 Finalists by the awards committee, and we had a tough battle against 4 big company finalists to get the most votes from the public online.

But YOU, our treasured customer family, came through in a HUGE way and we beat all four finalists to become this year’s WINNER! This sets yet another industry record by increasing out total number of awards to 22, the most of any brand in pet care history.

DETAILS: This article [https://clearconsciencepet.com/how-supergravy-benefits-the-planet-the-eco-advantage-of-supergravy-over-cans-and-liquids/] has the facts as to why SuperGravy is not only great for dogs, it’s great for the planet! The bottom line is that SuperGravy can have a major impact on reducing the “eco-pawprint” of the pet food industry. In honor of this achievement, we have created a new 22 awards logo and a new “Eco-Pawprint” logo, seen here. Thanks again to all of you who supported CCP, “The Little Company that Could!”


Exceptional products that enrich a family’s lifestyle and create memorable experiences.

Los Angeles, CA – Family Magazine Group is proud to announce the 22nd annual Family Choice Award Winners! As one the most coveted and family-friendly consumer award programs in the nation; the Family Choice Awards recognize the finest products and services that enrich the lifestyles of children and families.


The creativity and extraordinary imagination utilized to develop new products and enhance existing products for the benefit of consumers, continues to amaze our distinguished judges and staff. We want to express our gratitude to all the entrants for their sincere commitment in making a positive impact on families.

The 2018 Family Choice Awards are presented in the following categories: Apparel, Accessories, Adaptive Products, Apps, Audio Books, Babies and Parenting Products, Bikes and Scooters, Books, CD’s, Children’s Products, Developmental/Sensory Products, DVD’s, Electronics, Family Products, Furniture, House-wares and Home Décor, Jewelry, Movies, Music, New Technology, Pets, Speech and Mobility Aids, Toys and Games, Video Games, Unique Products and Websites.

For complete information on each winner please visit www.FamilyChoiceAwards.com

After judging, products are donated to local charities and worthy organizations.

Candace Evans
Chairperson, Family Choice Awards

 2018 Inventory Essentials Award Winner

WHOOPEE! WE WON! CCP Trachey Chewz all natural rugged dog chews with SuperFood Dry Rub coating have been selected as 2018 INVENTORY ESSENTIALS in the Dental category by #PetProductNews International. Lamb Trachey Chewz are breakable and easier to chew for smaller dogs and softer mouths; Beef Trachey Chewz are big chews that give dogs instinctive chewing satisfaction while scraping teeth and stimulating gums for preventive dental health benefits. Best of all, no worries- they are ALL NATURAL and 100% DIGESTIBLE.

2017 Pet Age Women of Influence


Amanda Bennie has been named a winner in the 2017 Pet Age Women of Influence awards program. The awards program is produced by Pet Age, a national publication covering all things in the pet industry. Congratulations to our dedicated Co-Founder!

The 2016 Pet Insight Vanguard Award for Food Toppers: SuperGravy® Wins 5th Award!

Excerpt from award article: Clear Conscience Pet® SuperGravy® CleanLabel™ Holistic Gravy Mix is the most Award-Winning Food Topper in the industry with four distinct awards for this product out of an industry-leading 13 Awards* SuperGravy created an entirely new category of dry instant gravy mixes and is still unique within the overall food toppers category as a true gravy mix as opposed to a supplement, a freeze-dried food add on, or a liquid ready to serve gravy topper.”

Pet Insight magazine is known as a key source of intelligence for executives, retailers, and other pet care industry insiders. Three awards were given in each category.

Note from CCP Founders Anthony and Amanda Bennie: “Thanks, Pet Insight! We are honored to receive this award and especially thank our loyal customers, our supportive retail trade partners, and most of all, the AWESOME dogs who love the way SuperGravy® brings them “JOY to the Bowl every day! WOOF-WOOF-THANKS!” *The Vanguard Award makes that 5 for SuperGravy® and 14 Awards for the company as a whole, yet another industry record solidifying our record as The Most Awarded Brand in Pet Nutrition History!”

CCP Honored as Pet Product News 2015 Inventory Essential!

CCP Honored as Pet Product News 2015 “Inventory Essential!”

2015 Pet Age ICON Award Winner

Anthony Bennie, the Founder and Chief Nutrition Officer of Clear Conscience Pet, has been named a winner in the 2015 Pet Age ICON awards program. The awards program is produced by Pet Age, a leading trade publication serving all sectors of the pet industry in the USA and abroad. Nominees were required to meet strict selection criteria, including 20+ years of experience in the pet manufacturing or servicing industry.

The first Pet Age ICON Award honorees are an elite group of only 25 pet food and supply industry professionals worldwide. Winners were chosen by an independent panel of judges including: John Cullen of Bulldog Marketing and Sales Inc., Erin Terjesen of Propel Communication, and Elizabeth Yong of Forever Yong PR.

Winners were chosen on the basis of:

  • Long term commitment to the success of the pet care industry
  • Having made a major impact on the industry
  • Having contributed significantly to the health, happiness, and well-being of companion animals and enhanced the human-animal bond
  • Experience, integrity, mentorship, and leadership

Anthony and Clear Conscience Pet are remarkably humbled by this great honor. We congratulate all of our fellow other inaugural Pet Industry ICON Award Honorees. Winners will be recognized and profiled in the September 2015 issue of Pet Age. For more information for a complete list of honorees, please visit www.petage.com.

2015 Animal Nutrition Innovation Award

2015 Animal Nutrition Innovation Award: Presented by Pet Food and Nutrition 2.0, a trade group and convention producer affiliated with the Supply Side/ Informa health and nutrition publishing group.

This award was just announced by the Pet Food and Nutrition 2.0 division of Informa Exhibitions, the magazine publisher and trade show producer best known for the Supply Side ingredient expos.

The Petfood & Animal Nutrition 2.0 Innovation Awards is a year-long program designed to celebrate companies demonstrating innovative, disruptive thinking across the pet nutrition market. Clear Conscience Pet® is very honored to be named as one if the winners, and we will be honored at Petfood & Animal Nutrition 2.0 2015 in Chicago on October 20 and 21. Award details and article here.

2015 Pet Product News Editor’s Choice Award

PET PRODUCT NEWS Announces 2015 award winners!
Clear Conscience Pet® CleanLabel™ Lineup Wins 2015 PPN Editor’s Choice Award!!

Clear Conscience Pet is the winner of the 2015 Editor’s Choice Award from Pet Product News. The CleanLabel™ line and the associated criteria of PURE, PRONOUNCEABLE, and PURPOSEFUL was conceived and developed by CCP Founder Anthony Bennie as a new level in natural pet nutrition in response to consumer confusion about the ubiquitous presence of “natural,” “all natural” or “holistic” claims and terminology in the pet food and treats industry. Being selected for this award is an additional validation of the importance of the CleanLabel™ movement we are leading.

Pet Product News is a highly respected trade journal in the pet care industry, and their annual Editor’s Choice Awards are chosen by the editorial board and coveted as the “Oscars” of the pet care industry.

We have now won this award TWICE! The first time was our VERY FIRST AWARD, back in 2011 when Clear Conscience Pet was just getting started.

This brand NEW, “hot off the presses” 2015 Editor’s Choice Award is especially gratifying and humbling since it recognizes not one or two of our exceptional CleanLabel(tm) products as is usually the case; it names our ENTIRE LINE as the winner of the award.

The CleanLabel(tm) concept as Clear Conscience Pet has established it is an absolute commitment to the artisan craft level of QUALITY and EFFECTIVENESS and rejects the deceptive MARKETING HYPE that too often masquerades as “all natural” in our industry.

With CleanLabel, every ingredient and every product must be PURE, PRONOUNCEABLE, and PURPOSEFUL. CleanLabel formulations provide clear health benefits for pets and honest consumer education and communication at all times. This infographic illustrates the concept:

We are very grateful to the Pet Product News editorial board for this great honor.

SuperGravy® Honored as Pet Product News 2014 Inventory Essential!

Clear Conscience Pet’s SuperGravy® is this year’s “Inventory Essential”, making it the only pet food gravy topper selected for this honor.  Inventory Essentials editors recommend that all serious pet nutrition suppliers carry the product for their customers.

SuperGravy® is a holistic instant gravy mix for pets that combines with warm water to form an au jus-style brown gravy coating that turns kibble into a warm, delicious and moist entrée, according to the company. Its naturally sourced heart and liver provide protein, vitamins, and minerals; stone-milled chia seed adds essential omega-3 and -6 fatty acids; and air-dried SuperVeggies contribute immune-boosting plant-based phytonutrients, the manufac- turer states, adding that there are no artificial preservatives, flavors, colors or other additives.

More information can be found here: https://clearconsciencepet.com/supergravy/

Inventory Essentials – Pet Product News

2013 Dogington Post Dog Treat of the Year: SLIDERS® and Sliders TenderStikz

Clear Conscience Pet’s Sliders® TenderStikz™ have been named the “Best Dog Treat of the Year for 2013 by The Dogington Post! The Dogington Post is the largest internet newspaper dedicated to dogs, with over a million weekly online readers.

This award gives CCP an unprecedented 8 national awards for exceptional pet nutrition, and a two year sweep in both 2012 and 2013 for The Dogington Post Best Dog Treat award. (Last year, CCP won the award for their Lamb Airy Bites with OSV™ )

This latest award was chosen through both reader voting and the Post editorial board. So THANKS SO MUCH to the readers and editors of The Dogington Post! Most of all, THANK YOU, our customers, for your trust and for believing in the core value of Exceptional Nutrition. We promise never to compromise when it comes to the health and happiness of your animal companions.

TenderStikz are 100% sourced and made in the USA with American beef from humane-audited ranches or vegetarian fed, hormone & antibiotic-free chicken paired with real cheddar cheese, wholesome veggies and organic flaxseed. In fact, the ingredient label reads like a gourmet meal you’d prepare for yourself! TenderStikz are the first tender, moist pet treats with NO glycerin or “vegetable” glycerin, NO propylene glycol, and NO sugars or syrups of any kind. And, of course there are no grains, gluten meals, or other high carb fillers. Just delicious, healthy, real food your dogs will love.

Clear Conscience Pet offers a variety of holistically formulated, cleanly sourced, and artisan prepared nutritional products for dogs and cats. The family-owned company follows a philosophy of uncompromising quality, ethics, and dedication to animals that extends beyond their own products.

Clear Conscience Pet Sliders® Treats – FINALIST – 2013 – SupplySide West Editor’s Choice Awards

On behalf of Heather Granato, vice president content, Health & Nutrition Network. Our editorial team has identified your Sliders Treats as one of the top five finalists for the SupplySide West Editor’s Choice Awards in the Animal Nutrition category.

For the second annual SupplySide Editor’s Choice Awards, our editorial team considered submitted nominees as well as other products released over the past year to determine a list of cutting-edge, innovative CPG products in 15 categories: animal nutrition, antioxidant supplements, beverages, digestive health, functional food, hair care, multivitamin, nutricosmetics, omega-3, organic, packaging design, skin care, specialty supplement, sports nutrition and weight management. We will be promoting the top five nominees in image galleries across our SupplySide, Food Product Design and Natural Products INSIDER sites during October.

These awards are connected with SupplySide West, the leading event for the global nutraceutical ingredient industry. Taking place Nov. 12 to 16, SupplySide West draws more than 13,000 decision-makers representing top CPG manufacturers, marketers and formulators to Las Vegas to take in a sold-out exhibit hall, participate in education sessions and network to make new connections that could drive innovative product launches. We will have a full display of the finalist products in all 15 categories at SupplySide West, including a description of the product.

The nominees and winning company in each category will be toasted during the SupplySide Editor’s Choice Awards Reception, set for Wednesday, Nov. 13, at the Venetian Las Vegas.

2013 Best Pet Treats at SuperZoo

“2013 Best Pet Treats at SuperZoo” for the entire Clear Conscience Pet line; awarded by Leader of the Pack Pet Radio at the largest trade show in the American pet care industry.

Pet Age 2012 Green Spirit Award

Clear Conscience Pet wins Pet Age Green Spirit Award for our exclusive nutritional breakthrough SuperFood Dry Rub™ treats and chews.

The first annual Pet Age Green Spirit Award honors companies that embody the “green” ethic through their products, packaging, and philosophy. Ours was the ONLY dog treat product included in the list of 17 winners! The actual awards will be announced in Pet Age magazine in April, and presented “live” at the H.H. Backer Pet Industry Spring Trade Show, to be held this April in Atlantic City.

We are honored and humbled to have been chosen among thousands of products by the independent Pet Age editorial board. Our Bison Tendy Chewz(TM) were selected as the specific winning product but what really won the award was our core commitment to the 100% Humane Sourcing philosophy, which supports independent family ranchers and farmers as the environmentally sound alternative to mega “factory farms.”  Learn more about this philosophy, and why it is emerging as an integral component of holistic health awareness and environmentally conscious and holistic thought by reading this article written by Anthony Bennie, the Founder of Clear Conscience Pet®.

2013 Pet Media Editor’s Choice Award: Awarded for SuperGravy® Holistic Instant Pet Food Topper

The team at Pet Media PR chose Clear Conscience Pet’s SuperGravy Food Topper as this month’s prestigious award recipient due to the fact that this is the first ever Holistic Instant Gravy Mix and concentrated SuperFood enhancer for pet food.

“We are very happy to announce that Clear Conscience Pet’s SuperGravy Food Topper is the recipient of the April 2013 Pet Media PR Editor’s Choice Award,” says Gregg Oehler, President of Pet Media PR.

This is the sixth nutrition award for Clear Conscience Pet in the last 15 months and the third specifically for SuperGravy. This small family run company has beat some of the biggest companies in the industry in these award selections, a difficult task considering the financial strength and marketing muscle that the large companies wield.

“Once again, we are humbled and appreciative of this award, as we have been for the other five,” said company founder Anthony Bennie. “It is especially gratifying since it proves that awareness of pioneering superior nutrition is growing. We know that the health benefits of cleaner and ethically sourced food and treats are undeniable, so if this means more pet guardians will read labels and question what they see, everyone wins.”

About Clear Conscience Pet and the SuperGravy Food Topper
Clear Conscience Pet was founded in 2010 on these core principles: all natural sourcing with no use of chemical preservatives or other additives, 100% American manufacturing, and support of sustainable farming and humane livestock husbandry. In 2011,The company invented and launched SuperGravy, the first ever Holistic Instant Gravy Mix and Concentrated SuperFood enhancer for pet food. SuperGravy is formulated for dogs and cats of all ages, breeds, sizes, and lifestyles.

There are many benefits to SuperGravy Food Topper. The dry recipe mixes with ordinary tap water to make food irresistible to pets, so it is a reliable solution for picky eating whether caused by fussiness or more serious causes such as illness, surgical recovery, or emotional distress. it compels users to hydrate dry food for better digestion as recommended by many veterinarians and nutritionists. Using SuperGravy kicks the canned food habit; instead of using canned food to enhance taste and moisten pet meals, dog and cat loving families can save time, hassle, and money, and also help the planet by eliminating massive amounts of canned food waste. Say goodbye to lugging heavy cans, sharp edges, messy waste, and smell; SuperGravy is pet food magic in one minute! Learn more about SuperGravy at: https://clearconsciencepet.com/supergravy/.

Dogington Post Best Dog Treat of 2012

Clear Conscience Pet® Lamb Airy Bites wins Dogington Post Best Pet Treat of the Year. The Dogington Post has well over a million weekly readers and is the largest internet newspaper for dog lovers.

The family-owned animal nutrition company, Clear Conscience Pet, has been selected for Best Pet Treat of the Year 2012 by The Dogington Post .

The award went to its Lamb Airy Bites product, which are small cubes of oven-roasted lamb lung that are coated in Clear Conscience Pet’s patent-pending OSV™ (Omega + SuperVeggies™) recipe.

Clear Conscience Pet states the Lamb Airy Bites are a hit with dog trainers who love the small, bite size pieces.

The Supply Side Editor’s Choice Award for Animal Nutrition

Clear Conscience Pet wins the 2012 SupplySide Expo Editor’s Choice Award. 2012 was the first time this award existed, and we were humbled to be chosen as he inaugural winner!

“This year’s inaugural Supply Side Editors Choice Awards gave us the opportunity to see a number of innovative products in the animal nutrition category. What really appealed to the editorial team about SuperGravy was the high quality of the ingredients, the fact that it can be used for different types of animals, and that it has such a positive impact in many conditions. It was apparent looking at the ingredient list that the product was formulated with the highest nutritional standards and a desire to truly make a difference for animals in need.

After announcing that Clear Conscience Pet’s SuperGravy was the winner of the category, I had a chance to talk with the company’s founder, Anthony Bennie. He has such passion to help change the face of animal nutrition by developing and offering products that really deliver the nutrition animals need for long healthy lives. When I heard that he had found several of his ingredient suppliers at SupplySide, that only underscored the synergy in our selection, as we’re all looking to discover new products that are truly innovative in this evolving market.”

SupplySide is the leading destination for the exploration, discovery, innovation and market strategy that fuels the healthier marketplace. We want to help your company make the most of your SupplySide experience. Whether you are exhibiting, attending the tradeshow and/or participating in our education program, we have solutions that align with your needs.

Doggies and Stuff Best Product of 2012: SuperGravy

SuperGravy® holistic instant pet food gravy topper Wins Doggies and Stuff.com’s best product of the Year 2012.

After analyzing multiple pet treats from dozens of companies, http://doggiesandstuff.com/ has awarded SuperGravy® as Best In Showfor the Pet Food Topper for 2012.

Doggies and Stuff focused on multiple areas including overall quality, health, supply sources, price, and taste.

Pet Product News 2011 Editor’s Choice Award

Our first award!! Presented for Clear Conscience Pet® SuperFood Dry Rub (formerly known as OSV) enhanced superfood enrobed meaty treats and chews including Airy Bites™ and Trachey Chewz™.

Excerpt from Pet Product News International:

“We were intrigued with Clear Conscience Pet’s patent-pending OSV (Organic SuperVeggie) coating process, which is designed to bring extra nutritional benefits to a variety of treats and chews by adding phytonutrients found only in vegetables and fruits to meat sources that are naturally and humanely raised by independent family ranchers in the U.S. and Canada, the company reports. Our evaluators’ pets clearly liked the idea, too, as they scarfed them up by the bag full. The OSV Roasted Treats and Chews lineup includes Trachey Chewz, Tendy Chewz, Airy Bites, Hearti Frites and Liver Bark. Made from bison, beef or lamb. the treats are formulated to be grain-free and gluten-free and to not contain any chemical preservatives or additives.”