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How SuperGravy® Benefits the Planet: The Eco-Advantage of SuperGravy Over Cans and Liquids - Clear Conscience Pet

How SuperGravy® Benefits the Planet: The Eco-Advantage of SuperGravy Over Cans and Liquids

SuperGravy by Clear Conscience Pet is the most Eco-Friendly innovation to ever come to the pet food, treats, and supplements space. It is truly an earth saver which at the same time provides exceptional health benefits to dogs and great utility and value to pet parent consumers.

The use of SuperGravy as a pet food nutrition enhancer, palatability booster, and digestibility supplement has the power to eliminate countless thousands of tons of landfill waste, excess packaging, and substantially reduce the carbon footprint of the pet food industry in the USA and worldwide.

The SuperGravy concept and products are elegantly simple, yet massively impactful. Here is why:

Canned pet food has valid nutritional benefits because hydrated food is healthier for dogs and cats than dry food alone. Canned foods are usually added to the dry kibble pet diet rather than used as the sole source of nutrition. Despite this, in the USA alone, industry statistics indicate that over 3.5 BILLION units of canned pet foods are sold annually. The approximately 140 million dogs and cats in the USA are fed a staggering 700,000,000 lbs, or 350,000 TONS, of gross weight in canned foods annually.

SuperGravy Pet Food Toppers are completely natural dry gravy and broth mixes which are designed to REPLACE CANS and other liquid pet food toppers such as pre-made broths and ready-to-use pet food gravies. The SuperGravy recipes are nutritionally exceptional, made only with whole superfoods which are air dried and concentrated to create healthy and holistically balanced pet food enhancers that transform dry kibble into moist and healthy delicious pet meals.

SuperGravy is made in the pet parent’s home from our dry mixes by simply adding tap or filtered water. As proof of the nutritional value, SuperGravy has won 10 Awards in the pet food industry for excellence and innovation to date. NO other pet food topper can make this claim.

As proof of the ecological impact intrinsic to SuperGravy, please consider these eye-opening statistics:

  1. 700 Million lbs/ 350,000 tons of canned pet food sold in the USA- worldwide, this figure increases exponentially;
  2. All of these cans are packed in corrugated and plastic wrapped, adding more waste;
  3. This massive amount of cans must be transported, of course, by trucks burning gasoline or diesel fuel, creating carbon emissions that are so substantial that they are difficult to even calculate
  4. The manufacturing process for all of these cans is also very energy-intensive since the cans are heat cooked at the factory prior to final sealing for transportation
  5. Canned pet food is frequently discarded in the basic waste stream WITHOUT RECYCLING because of the smelly residue in cans making it difficult to place in clean recycling bins without attracting pests unless consumers clean the cans before recycling
  6. After use, the empty cans are still quite heavy; a fair estimate is that 20% of the gross weight of these products remains as can or outer packaging waste after the pet consumes the products
  7. Therefore, in the USA alone, canned pet foods generate approximately 70,000 TONS OF LANDFILL WASTE EVERY YEAR.
  8. If only 10% of users switched from cans to SuperGravy powdered mixes, 7,000 TONS OF LANDFILL WASTE could be eliminated! The more that switch from cans and other liquid pet food toppers to SuperGravy, the more reduction in landfill waste and carbon emissions would be achieved.
  9. SuperGravy pouches are recyclable and typically go into recycling bins instead of in landfills.


SuperGravy is a transformative pet nutrition disruptor with the capacity to create a huge shift in the pet food industry. Because we aren’t packaging, shipping, and selling water, SuperGravy leaves baby steps instead of big messy footprints on the environment. We do it all with dramatically less packaging and landfill waste, with a far smaller carbon footprint than production of premade liquid gravies, broths, and canned foods. In fact, 2 pallets of SuperGravy can replace an entire truckload of canned dog food or premade broth used as a topper! So this game-changing product is absolutely capable of slashing fossil fuel usage while keeping millions of lbs. of waste from landfills.