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Iced SuperGravy BrothBalls & BrothCubes - Clear Conscience Pet

Iced SuperGravy BrothBalls & BrothCubes

This SUPER easy treat is made with any shape or size BPA FREE molds that will fit on a shelf in your freezer. (Ball shaped ice molds available online)

Ingredients: SuperGravy Broth, molds, a freezer, & LOVE!

SuperTip: Recycle a mini or full sized muffin or cupcake clear plastic bakery tray – these make GREAT freezy treat molds because you can reclose the top after filling to prevent freezer spills, and treats pop out very easily


  1. Start with 5 scoops (2 ½ tablespoons) of any SuperGravy recipe:  Paw Jus™ Brown, Barkinara™ Red, Arfredo™ White (or mix your own blend!)
  2. Mix SuperGravy with a quart of warm water in a shakeable container.
  3. Shake vigorously to make a rich broth Note: SuperGravy will not completely dissolve due to the healthy chia seeds and sea kelp.
  4. Pour into your mold immediately after shaking and set on flat area in freezer until solid.
  5. Pop ‘em out, slide one over to your dog, and watch the JOY begin!

Caution: All Variations of SuperGravy Freezies are best enjoyed outdoors! Please don’t write and tell us your favorite carpet or sofa was stained!

Variation 1: SuperGravy Hide-a-Treat Freezies (watch CCP’s dogs Tiva Marie and Bean enjoy Freezie Cubes in this 30 second You Tube video!)

  1. Prepare as above
  2. Add a few small chunks of Lamb Airy Bark, Airy Bites, or SLIDERS® into the mold
  3. That’s it! Freeze ‘em up and watch your dog chomping on the delicious SuperGravy icey to get to the “hidden” treat that they can smell through the ice with their powerful noses!

Variation 2: SuperGravy Hide-a-Treat Freezie Bowls

  1. Prepare as above
  2. Clear some flat space in your freezer to place the bowl
  3. Instead of ice cube trays or molds, pour the SuperGravy Broth about halfway full into a stainless steel or paper bowl- NO GLASS or PLASTIC in case they chew on the edge to get to their treat.
  4. Add a handful of Lamb Airy Bark, Airy Bites, or SLIDERS® into the bowl

Freeze and Serve! Watch your pooch keep busy licking the frozen bowl to get to those treats.