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SuperGravy Casserole - Clear Conscience Pet

SuperGravy Casserole

Ingredients: 1lb choice chopped meat, 1/2 Cup SuperGravy®, 1/2 Cup Coconut Oil, 1 Cup chopped any green vegetable (kale, green beans, spinach, collard greens)

SuperTip: Try forming mixture into fun shapes – dog bone, heart, turkey


  1. Preheat oven to 350°
  2. Combine 4 ingredients in a bowl
  3. Put in a casserole dish or on a baking sheet (high edges to hold juices!)
  4. Bake approx. 45 min to 1 hour (or until desired temp)

Fun Facts: Kale is low in calorie, high in fiber and has zero fat. Green beans are high in fiber content. Green beans are a good source of calcium, silicon, iron, manganese, potassium. Spinach is low in fat and even lower in cholesterol. Collard greens are a very good source of vitamin B1, vitamin B6 and iron. They are also a good source of vitamin E & omega-3 fatty acids.