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We really loved your treats and Bones! - Clear Conscience Pet

We really loved your treats and Bones!

~~The Beef Trachey Chewz are huge! They are as long as my dogs. Because of that they keep them busy. They really enjoyed chewing on these in bed, the couch, the backyard and even the car! The Chew is a hard chew so it’s not just going to break in one bite! We love how long lasting they are! Lucy could not even pick hers up when I gave it to her so I hammered it in half. Same with Dougie’s! They can now equally share and carry their bones! If Lucy wasn’t 6 lbs she could have carried the bone but she was fine with not carrying it and sitting there :)

~~The Lamb Trachey Chewz came in (4 packs). Which is perfect= one for each dog! Bear and Buddy have not had theirs yet but when they do I will post lots of pictures! These bones were also big they were like as long as their legs. It was also skinnier so easy to carry! They really liked these bones. They were a great size! For big dogs I suggest the beef trachea and for little dogs the lamb trachey!

~~The SuperGravy, it came with lots of fun recipes we will have to try! Just for testing we put it in their dry dog food. It is super easy! You put a scoop for big dogs and half a scoop for tiny dogs (in my opinion) after that you add water and stir. Right after it is ready to serve. First, the dogs just licked the gravy off the food of course. But then they started eating the food. Dry dog food is kind of like a sponge and soaks in the liquid so they really liked that! The smell wasn’t bad at all, it kind of smelled good! So that didn’t affect my dog’s breath!

~~The Lamb Airy Treats, have their own smell. It is kind of like charcoal smell but also like a meat smell. They are a bit hard and are breakable to make tiny or pieces for little dogs. The dogs will do every trick in the book for these treats! Some treats they know “eww” those are gross, but these they really enjoyed!

*****We really loved your treats and Bones!

Shipping was super fast and service was great!…… You just got a 5 Star review! Congrats!!! and thanks so much!