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I give this review a definite 10 out of 10 - Clear Conscience Pet

I give this review a definite 10 out of 10

cocoasjoy #CocoasReviews @ccpettreats was kind enough to send us some of their fantastic treats to review!

Shipping took only 3 days and arrived in a large bubble mailer. Amanda was very friendly, and easy to work with! Clear Conscience Pet DEFINITELY deserves that name, when I’m shopping for dog treats I’m not about to buy my pooch some fake stuff, I’m looking for 100% real treats made with simple, recognizable, ingredients I know Cocoa will benefit from. Clear Conscience Pet is a total WIN for us!

Lamb Airy Bites: made with only lamb lung, flaxseed, dried spinach, dried tomato, and dried carrot, Cocoa is crazy for these! The texture is spot-on, these are breakable and easy for Cocoa to eat!

Lamb Trachey Chews: “numunchnummunch” -Cocoa. Now how do I feel about these?.. Well for one these have 5 ingredients, (lamb trachea, flaxseed, dried spinach, dried tomato, & dried carrot) Cocoa loves them, and the large size keeps him busy which is fantastic for any dog owner because sometimes you need 20 minutes for yourself. :-)

SuperGravy Barkinara: first of all, is this not the smartest thing ever?! Boring old kibble? No problem. Simply mix the SuperGravy powder with some water and boom. Delicious gravy to use with anything your heart desires. They even included 2 sheets of fun recipes to try!

I give this review a definite 10 /10 and totally recommend @ccpettreats for any pup! Go check out Clearconsciencepet.com!