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SuperGravy® Breakthrough Dog Food Topper Recipes Debut at SuperZoo in Las Vegas

SuperGravy, the six-time award-winning pet food topper line, is launching its next generation of products with three new artisan-crafted recipes. The new offerings build on the success of the Clean Label “Au Jus” brown dry gravy mix line that Clear Conscience Pet invented in 2012.

BARKinara™ Red, PAW Jus™ Brown, and ARFredo™ Creamy White make up the new trio of SuperGravy pet food toppers. A key convenience feature of the new line is the use of spout-top pouches, allowing consumers to easily dispense the dry gravy mix for blending with their pet food of choice. SuperGravy is used to enhance the taste and encourage hydration of dry pet foods. SuperGravy customers typically switch from using canned pet foods or other toppers for hydration and as taste enhancers for picky eating dogs.

There is also a growing trend of “dry-only” feeders realizing the digestive benefits and major improvement in palatability that comes from feeding a hydrated diet. SuperGravy provides a safe, convenient, low calorie, and cost effective method for daily hydration using the gravy mixes with ordinary tap water to create a moist meal for hungry dogs. For picky eaters experiencing “taste fatigue,” SuperGravy has a virtually 100% dog-approved track record as shown by countless testimonials, reviews, and awards.

The product has also gained many loyal followers whose dogs have experienced decreased appetites for any reason including aging, medications, and illnesses including dogs with cancer on chemotherapy. SuperGravy also facilitates food changes such as lifestage transitions and veterinarian prescribed diets. Rescue groups use the product to keep dogs eating while going through sometimes stressful relocations. Pet sitters, boarding kennels, and the growing Pet Resort and Doggy Day Care business find SuperGravy to be a “must-have” once they try it.

Even freeze dried and dehydrated food users have discovered the benefits of using the product. Instead of just adding water, SuperGravy energizes and re-hydrates these ultra-dry foods with exciting taste and contributes superfood nutrients with every meal.

To make SuperGravy the state-of-the-art in food toppers, the new line also contains added digestive enzymes and probiotics as daily aids to better digestion.

“We have spent over a year developing these recipes and the creative effort shows in the exciting ingredient profiles, new nutrient sources, and sheer deliciousness of our new SuperGravy recipes,” said Clear Conscience Pet Founder and Chief Nutrition Officer Anthony Bennie. “Our original Au Jus is now PAW Jus,” ARFredo White features Greek yogurt and three Italian cheeses, and BARKinara Red is a marinara for dogs made with tomato, liver, and porcini mushrooms.”

“We are proud to offer the best value in this category with a 50 cents per meal average cost; that beats the competition in freeze dried and premade liquid toppers by a wide margin. After all, if it’s not affordable for daily use, what’s the point? Consumers are already paying very high prices for top-end natural dry pet foods, so toppers need to be cost-sensitive.”

The concept of SuperGravy is based on the use of whole superfoods with no synthetic vitamins and 100% Clean Label ingredients. All recipes use chia seed, Atlantic sea kelp, air dried veggies, and sunflower lecithin. All three SuperGravy formulas have been enhanced with digestive enzymes, and probiotics to bring better digestibility and improved gut health.

“We wouldn’t settle for anything less than making the very best dog food toppers ever seen,” said Co-Founder Amanda Bennie. “We are proud to say that the reinvented SuperGravy family of pet food toppers sets a new bar of quality, value, and sheer dog enjoyment. Our focus groups prove that these recipes intrigue dog loving consumers, and test feeding leaves dogs with big smiles, wagging tails, and begging for more.”