Pet Nutrition Expert Offers Tips For Holiday Treats For Stamford Pets

Know what human foods are dangerous to your pets, Bennie said.

“During this time of year, home cooking and baking are in high gear so it’s important to know what foods are dangerous for pets, he said. “Stay away from concentrated fat trimmings, which may lead to pancreatitis; bones not prepared properly for dogs that can split and cause pets throat or digestive tract trauma; and grapes, raisins, chocolate, alcoholic beverages, and coffee, which are all toxic to dogs and cats.”

Stuff your pets’ stocking with safe and healthy treats, he said. The Chinese pet jerky treats outbreak that has caused pets to become ill earlier this year has pet owners worried about what pet treats are safe – if any – to give to their canine companions during the holidays.

“The good news is there are plenty of USA made and sourced pet treats from ethical companies that offer safe and nutritious products for pets to enjoy,” Bennie said. “Independent specialty pet food retailers can be a huge help in recommending pet food and treat brands that have earned a reputation for high quality and wholesome ingredients.”

He also advises pet owners to read labels. Make sure to buy pet treats made and sourced in the USA and also avoid products with ingredients such as glycerin, propylene glycol, chemical preservatives, and artificial colors.

“A good rule of thumb is, if you can’t pronounce the ingredient or don’t recognize it as food, you should avoid it,” Bennie said. “For the healthiest treat options, look for grain-free treats with high meat content that are low in carbohydrates.”