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For every bag of SuperGravy® instant Gravy and Broth mixes purchased, we will donate $2 worth of product to shelters helping displaced dogs.

Bring JOY to your dog’s bowl while helping dogs in crisis

“SuperGravy 2 the Rescue” is the charitable arm of Clear Conscience Pet, and we support rescue groups everyday. But when there are emergencies such as the recent hurricanes and floods, hard-working rescue agencies need extra help. So we have increased our giving and support by pledging $2 in free product for every SuperGravy pouch sold through Halloween. Free product will be distributed to groups directly involved in helping dogs displaced by the hurricanes.

How can SuperGravy help displaced dogs and their caregivers? Dogs often experience severe emotional distress and anxiety when they are displaced by storms in to shelters or foster care. This leads to loss of appetite and digestive upset.

SuperGravy helps in three ways:

  1. Makes any pet food taste and smell dramatically better, thus stimulating the appetite;
  2. Keeps dogs hydrated and supplies essential electrolytes when used as a “recovery broth;”
  3. As with humans, stress can cause stomach problems in dogs – SuperGravy gives a boost to gut health with digestive enzymes and active probiotics

SuperGravy can’t bring displaced dogs home – only dedicated rescue groups and families do that. But it has been proven to make a difference and we are honored to help in our small way. You can help, too! All you need to do is get some SuperGravy and bring Joy to your dog’s bowl while helping bring Joy to dogs in need.