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SuperGravy Pet Food Toppers Win 2020 Editor’s Choice Award - Clear Conscience Pet

SuperGravy Pet Food Toppers Win 2020 Editor’s Choice Award

Clear Conscience Pet topper line features added taurine to address DCM concerns and “TRIGESTIVE” gut health support with probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes

Pet Media PR has named SuperGravy pet food toppers by Clear Conscience Pet as recipients of our 2020 Editor’s Choice award.

Our editorial board tested SuperGravy and chose it as a winner based on quality ingredients, innovation, nutritional benefits, ease of use, sustainability, consumer value, and verified reviews. 

The holistic dry mixes come in 3 recipes that blend with water to make appetite-boosting healthy gravy toppers instantly in the bowl. SuperGravy mixes also make energy broth by the quart or gallon.

The newly relaunched SuperGravy still delivers great taste for picky eaters, but now features several functional upgrades. These new formulas are the first toppers we have seen that provide guaranteed levels of supplemental taurine to support overall carnivore health and to help address growing concerns about canine DCM (dilated cardiomyopathy).

In addition, SuperGravy now gives dogs three-way gut microbiome support with Clear Conscience Pet’s TRIGESTIVE™ blend of broad-spectrum probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes. The relaunched line also features attractive new packaging. Despite the nutritional upgrades, new SuperGravy has maintained its suggested retail of $15.95 for a 30-serving pouch, which is about 55 cents per serving. That makes SuperGravy among the best values in the fast-growing pet food topper category. The instant mixes blend very well with kibble and other foods, and offer a more cost-effective option than premixed broths, canned foods, or freeze-dried toppers.

“Pet Media PR CCP selected the original line for our Editor’s Choice Award back in 2013,” said PMPR President Gregg Oehler. “Based on these new innovations, SuperGravy has earned the distinction of being a rare two-time winner.”