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Pet Product News 2011 Editor’s Choice Award - Clear Conscience Pet

Pet Product News 2011 Editor’s Choice Award

Our first award!! Presented for Clear Conscience Pet® SuperFood Dry Rub (formerly known as OSV) enhanced superfood enrobed meaty treats and chews including Airy Bites™ and Trachey Chewz™.

Excerpt from Pet Product News International:

“We were intrigued with Clear Conscience Pet’s patent-pending OSV (Organic SuperVeggie) coating process, which is designed to bring extra nutritional benefits to a variety of treats and chews by adding phytonutrients found only in vegetables and fruits to meat sources that are naturally and humanely raised by independent family ranchers in the U.S. and Canada, the company reports. Our evaluators’ pets clearly liked the idea, too, as they scarfed them up by the bag full. The OSV Roasted Treats and Chews lineup includes Trachey Chewz, Tendy Chewz, Airy Bites, Hearti Frites and Liver Bark. Made from bison, beef or lamb. the treats are formulated to be grain-free and gluten-free and to not contain any chemical preservatives or additives.”