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SuperGravy Adds Sparkle, Magic & Optimum Nutrition to Your Dog’s Diet - Clear Conscience Pet

SuperGravy Adds Sparkle, Magic & Optimum Nutrition to Your Dog’s Diet

By Carolyn NorthOctober 27, 2020

Excerpts reprinted with permission; originally published on TheSavvyPetOwner.com

Does your dog get bored with his regular food? Is he a picky eater or just stops eating a particular food from time to time? The answer to this problem may lie in one of the commercial pet food toppers sold to enhance your dog’s regular meals. Having studied several of those products, I found Clear Conscience Pet SuperGravy® to be superior to many of the others.

Our Murphy is a picky eater. Some days, he will eat his food without a problem.  Other days, not so much. We feed him a Fromm’s dry kibble with a little canned mixed in, so we know he is getting the best nutrition.  But Murphy is spoiled and doesn’t hesitate to let us know when he doesn’t want to eat.  Enter SuperGravy!  We skip the canned food on top and add the SuperGravy® pet food topper, and Murphy loves it!

Clear Conscience Pet SuperGravy® offers extra nutrition in several flavors to top off your dog’s meal.  The gravy is easy to prepare and easily digestible. All flavors include their Trigestive Microbiome support system to improve your pet’s gut health with probiotics, prebiotics and digestive enzymes.

Why This Pet Food Topper Is Special

The owners of the company produce products that contain only healthy ingredients. They are committed to the CleanLabel™ pledge with ingredients that are pure, pronounceable, and purposeful. The company also makes treats and chews; their Lamb Airy Bites are the only treat Murphy actually barks and begs for.  I know the owners of the company and appreciate that they are a small business with many years of experience in the pet manufacturing world, and I feel confident in sharing my preference with you. 

How SuperGravy® Improved Murphy’s Life

When Murphy first joined our family at 2 ½ years old, he was nervous and clearly missed his previous family.  His first activity was to take a huge dump in the middle of the kitchen floor.  Then he refused to eat. His owner failed to tell me what brand of food Murphy ate, saying he couldn’t remember, so it was hit and miss for a few days.

Even after we settled on an excellent brand of dog food, Murphy would eat a couple bites and go sit by the front door, as if waiting for his owner to arrive.

SuperGravy® Convinced Murphy He Belonged to Us

One night, I mixed a scoop of the SuperGravy® with a little warm water and poured it over Murphy’s kibble.  That boy gobbled up every bite! After several days of worrying about Murphy’s sporadic eating, this event sparked a huge relief! It was also the beginning of our new dog settling into his forever home.

If this sounds like a testimonial, it is, since I truly believe in this company’s products.  This family-owned company has won 25 awards for nutritional excellence, innovation and sustainability.  This year alone, the full line of SuperGravy won the 10th Anniversary Eco Excellence Award for Pet Food, and new Bon A’ La Goat was named a “2021 Approved Product Pick” by Animal Wellness magazine and is a Finalist for the prestigious Pet Product News 2021 Editor’s Choice Award. As a pet industry observer and writer I can tell you that these are huge endorsements for a family company who doesn’t even advertise in these magazines.    

Is This Pet Food Topper Perfect for Your Dog?

Clear Conscience Pet SuperGravy® helped convince Murphy to enjoy his meals, and it may also provide the extra boost your dog needs. Murphy’s current favorite flavor is new Bon A’ la Goat, which includes the Bioactive Turmeric Complex, an advanced natural anti-inflammatory supplement which may help dogs with arthritis and other age-related conditions. Whether your pet is a picky eater like our Murphy, or suffers from digestive issues, or you are simply one of the millions of pet parents who want to feed your dog healthier meals and not spend a fortune to do it, consider SuperGravy. It’s a proven  affordable solution, and a great way to make your dog healthier and happier every day.