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Skye Blue has always loved them - Clear Conscience Pet

Skye Blue has always loved them

Skye Blue has always loved the Multi Award Winning Super Gravy Toppers, Treats & Chews from #CCPetTreats! We are SO EXCITED they have released the new & improved original brown PawJus – crafted from beef liver & whole super foods – along with 2 new flavors: ARFredo – crafted from Greek yogurt, 3 cheeses & whole super foods & BARKinara – crafted from tomato, chicken liver and whole Superfoods.
Skye Blue loves all of these nutrient packed SuperGravy toppers and the Lamb Airy Bites, Lamb Trachey Chewz, and Beef Trachey Chewz which are all coated with their special superfood blend!! All of their products are loaded with Superfoods to keep your pets happy and healthy! WE just LOVE this company and are proud to be a part of the #CCP #BARKTEAM!