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Paddington and Mugsy are very finicky eaters - Clear Conscience Pet

Paddington and Mugsy are very finicky eaters

@schmoopyface Paddington and Mugsy are very finicky eaters. They turn their noses up at many tasty treats. Recently, we had the opportunity to try Clear Conscience SuperGravy. It is a powder that mixes into gravy or broth (depending on how much water you add) and is used as a food topper for your dry food. As soon as I opened the bag, my pups got excited! The powder mixed up easy and the pups ate it right up! SuperGravy by @ccpettreats passes the Paddington and Mugsy test with flying colors! I think that it will be great for cold winter months, to make their food into a warm soup. It’s also great for older dogs who are lacking teeth. They like it for the taste and I like it because it’s healthy; gluten free, grain-free, GMO-free, glycerin free.. And enhanced with digestive enzymes and probiotics. I always check the ingredients list and this list is clean! ….Thank you @ccpettreats!