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Oscar’s Story - Clear Conscience Pet

Oscar’s Story

“It amazes me that Oscar is so picky when it comes to dry kibble…he sniffs what’s in his bowl and walks away. That’s why I was intrigued when I received Clear Conscience Pet SuperGravy. Oscar is getting over a bout of stomach issues, so I recently had to change his food. And typical Oscar, he turned up his nose at his new dry kibble. Clear Conscience Pet SuperGravy [is a] Concentrated SuperFood enhancer for pet food. A dry powder, you mix it with ordinary tap water to make gravy…I added one scoop of SuperGravy powder with tap water and mixed it into Oscar’s food. Oscar was so impatient to eat it, he did a butt scoot around the kitchen while whining. Oscar pounced on it! I was afraid that he was just going to lick up the gravy, but he also ate the dry kibble. In about four minutes, he finished his entire meal. That hasn’t happened since he was a puppy.”

~ Amy Tokic and Oscar. (Amy is the Editor of PetGuide.com, a comprehensive pet care website)