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Just know, it is right for every dog - Clear Conscience Pet

Just know, it is right for every dog

I like to be able to give my dogs a little extra once in a while. My Saint Bermastiff puppy, Diesel is just turning two this year. He is a big eater, and I love being able to change his flavor every once in a while, without changing his food. When I found Clear Conscience Pet, I knew I had to give it a shot. I decided to start by trying the different flavors of SuperGravy first.

Clear Conscience Pet has an assortment of three different SuperGravy’s that they have packaged in powder form, which makes it so you can just make what you want a little at a time. It also comes with its own measuring scoop, so there is no guessing. You can make this into either a broth or gravy. You add the correct amount of water for which one you would like to make. And then mix it up. Your pet is sure to enjoy this, while you enjoy knowing that your pet is getting great product. This is free of Grain, GMO’s, Gluten, and Glycerin.

Each package makes 30 servings of gravy or 6 quarts of broth. Which seems like a huge value to me! And the names for their flavors are so cute and funny. There is:

  • Barkinara
  • Arfredo
  • Paw Jus

How can you not love these names for their flavors?

If you are reading this thinking, is this right for my dog? Just know, it is right for every dog. This can help your dog enjoy their dry food more. Also, it helps it become easier to digest. This also costs less then canned food, which I have seen people use to top their dogs dry food to get them to eat. If your dog has a problem drinking water, you can just make up broth to help them stay hydrated in the summer months. Which I know my old female can have a problem with from time to time.

I also received a sample of the Lamb Airy Bites. Which is perfect size pieces of dog treat. I will say, it does have that ‘dog treat” smell. I could smell it right through the bag. And so could my dogs, which meant I was almost pushed over while my not well mannered puppy tried to get at the bag with treats. So I gave in as soon as I got a quick picture. Both of my dogs loved them. These are infused with the SuperFood dry rub.

The final product I was sent was a 2 pack of Lamb Trach Chewz. Which came with two and a in the package. I gave each of my dogs one, they both seemed to be in heaven. These are a bit unique in the way that they are shaped. They have what is described as a “open canoe cut.” This helps them scrape their teeth and simulates the gums much better then traditional closed trachea tubes. My dogs were loving them, my female Eldorado took hers and ran into her hiding spot behind my chair and stayed with it for a while, if she moved, it went with her. Diesel of course got right to chewing his. They both love things they can chew.

See original article here: https://littlehelpersinlife.blogspot.com/2019/02/clear-conscience-pet-review.html