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It’s gravy for your kibble! - Clear Conscience Pet

It’s gravy for your kibble!

Thanks to our friends @pupfluence and @CCpettreats for sending over some of this pawsome SuperGravy to try!  You guys – it’s gravy for your kibble!  or you can even drink it as a tasty broth (mom warmed ours up before serving). It’s gluten-free, grain-free, GMO free, glycerin free, and it even has special digestive enzymes and probiotics to keep our tummies extra happy. We slurped it all down ASAP and Keeley even whined for more! Mom loves how easy it was to make and the health benefits we get and we just really loved having something special in between meals. This would be fantastic for our picky friends who don’t always enjoy regular dry kibble! Five Tail Wags from us!!