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In Clear Conscience Pet We Trust! - Clear Conscience Pet

In Clear Conscience Pet We Trust!

My girls love when I add extra goodies to their meals! I especially love it when the things I add enhance flavor AND benefit the health of my dogs. One company has continued to offer this winning combination time and time again!

Clear Conscience Pet has impressed us once more with their line of Super Gravies!

About Clear Conscience Pet

Clear Conscience Pet is a family owned business run by two natural pet food industry pioneers. When they witnessed the natural pet movement turn into a commercialized non-transparent buisness they decided to start creating products of their own.

Their mission is to provide companion animals with exceptionally nutritious food options supported by clean labeled products. What do they mean by clean labeled? Their products contain minimally processed, whole food ingredients and are free of grains, gluten, glycerine, and GMO’s. Their ingrediants are pronounceble and recognizable. No need to google ridiculously long, foreign ingredients. Every ingredient is purposeful and placed in the recipe to contribute towards your dogs health! Their labels are clean and simple, how great is that?!

Clear Conscience Pet has received over 15 awards since their start in 2010! With a track record like that, it’s easy to trust this company with my girls’ health.

The Super Gravy

We were lucky enough to receive the entire line of Super Gravies to test and review! The line includes three different, uniquely named flavors that are packed full of nutrients and really help to enhance the favors of your pups kibble (or raw) diet! The Super Gravies are now also enhanced with digestive enzymes and probiotics!

Super Gravy can be prepared ahead of time, or added straight to your pets food. It is super easy to prepare! All you have to do is mix a half cup of warm water with one scoop of Gravy mix (scoop included in packaging) and stir in with your pets meal!

To prepare the Gravy as a broth ahead of time, simply add five scoops of gravy mix with one quart of water! That’s all, and your set to go!

Barkinara – The “Barkinara” flavor is a red based gravy mix crafted from tomatoes, chicken liver and whole superfoods like chia seeds, kelp, pumpkin and sweet potatoes! This gravy option has more of a zesty aroma and to me kinda smells like pizza!

ARFredo – The “ARFredo” variety is for the cheese loving pooch! Crafted from greek yogurt, three different cheeses (parmesan, romano, and provolone) and superfoods just like the other flavors! Luna favorite thing ever is cheese, so she went crazzyyyy for this one!

Pawjus – Last but not least, the “Pawjus” is a rich brown gravy crafted from beef liver, veggies and again the superfoods mentioned above. This gravy will make your pet feel like the went from eating subpar kibble to a hefty steak dinner for one!

Our Reaction

While the girls love their food alone, they go even more crazy when I add these Super Gravies to the mix! We have used one of their Super Gravies in the past, but now I can honestly say they are ALL amazing recipes that even a picky eater is sure to love! The added probiotics and digestive enzymes are a great addition to the gravies, and give me extra assurance that this line of products is highly beneficial to my girls in a multitude of ways! I encourage all of our followers to check out not only the Super Gravy, but all of the other natural, delicious products Clear Conscience Pet has to offer! This company is top notch in product quality and customer service, plus they have continually shown me they truly care about my girls!

*Disclaimer: We have received these products in exchange for a product review. All of our reviews are honest and written from our perspective as we want our readers to fully trust our opinions.*

-photo credit Amanda Carnes