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Cleaning Up Her Bowl Without Hesitation! - Clear Conscience Pet

Cleaning Up Her Bowl Without Hesitation!

Just a quick update from the Waugh Dogs on our Super Gravy Trio Christmas treat!! WE LOVE THEM ALL!!! We have been dining on the Barkinara recently and our Dad is remarking how even the finickiest eater, Minute, is cleaning up her bowl without hesitation! We usually have the Beef Au Jus (which we enjoy) but the change up has been appreciated!!!

Please keep up the good work researching and creating healthy delicious additions to our food bowls and treats our Mom does not hesitate to share with us with a clear conscience of excellent nutrition (Lamb Airy Bites and Bark!)!!! We truly appreciate your efforts to make our world a better place!

Happy 2019 to you both!

Four Paws Up to CCP!!!
Hugs from Gia, Minute, Beckett and Chivas Regal