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SuperGravy “Super Cereal” Recipe: for Breakfast or Between Meals All Day! - Clear Conscience Pet

SuperGravy “Super Cereal” Recipe: for Breakfast or Between Meals All Day!

When we adopted Bean, our Jack Russell mix rescue puppy, he was 9 months old, so we had to feed him twice a day. We came up with SuperGravy "SuperCereal" as a healthy breakfast. Of course, big sister Tiva Marie was jealous, so now she gets it too! This is NOT cereal in the traditional sense! SuperGravy broth has zero cereal grains, almost zero carbs, and is low in calories and fat. Not like those sugary cereals your kids beg for!

SuperGravy Super Cereal is SUPER easy to make:

  1. Make a jug of SuperGravy Broth by adding 3 scoops of any SuperGravy formula powder per quart of water to a shakable container. (make stronger broth by adding more powder, or weaker broth with less, it’s up to you)
  2. Take a handful of CCP Lamb Airy Bark and break into bite size pieces. Add to clean doggy bowl. (You can use any treat as long as it’s breakable, but it’s perfect with Lamb Airy Bark because our delicious Bark floats, and it’s a very healthy choice
  3. Shake very well and add about a cup of SuperGravy broth to the bowl.
  4. Serve and watch those tails wag while your dog joyfully slurps and crunches their SuperGravy Super Cereal!


Check out these short videos (less than a minute) to see how easy and fun it is to make it:

Part 1 https://youtu.be/NkSGcBoGctY

Part 2 https://youtu.be/d3ClV_V8IRA

VARIATION: Make the Super Cereal in a freezer-friendly bowl and freeze it overnight, serve as a SuperGravy Super Cereal FREEZY BOWL and watch your dogs lick until they can get ahold of those yummy Airy Bites!


As you can see, Tiva Marie and Bean LOVE this as their morning pick me up while we drink our coffee! PLUS, its low in calories and fat, and the SuperGravy provides live Probiotics, Prebiotics, and active Digestive Enzymes for gut and immune health. Prebiotics and Probiotics also are clinically proven to help improve dental health, and Lamb Airy Bark™ includes our exclusive SDR™ Superfood Dry Rub with Kelp, also clinically proven to help prevent plaque. All of this means that when you give your dog SuperGravy Super Cereal, you’re actually giving them a “dental rinse!” It’s the most delicious “mouthwash” a dog could ever have!  Send us your SuperGravy Super Cereal pix, vids, and stories!