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Why is SuperGravy a Better Pet Food Topper than Freeze-Dried Brands? - Clear Conscience Pet

Why is SuperGravy a Better Pet Food Topper than Freeze-Dried Brands?

Clear Conscience Pet first invented and launched SuperGravy way back in 2011. Our small family company made a big impact on the industry by introducing the very first line of holistic clean label dry Gravy and Broth mixes for dogs. From the very beginning, SuperGravy products have been recognized for their innovation and nutritional excellence by winning over a dozen of our 25 total industry awards.

Since then, the category of “Pet Food Toppers” has grown tremendously. It seems like we hear about new toppers every day, and that can be very confusing for dog parents. Most of the new toppers on the market are freeze-dried. As part of our commitment to transparency and education, this blog article will give you a quick comparison between typical Freeze-Dried toppers and SuperGravy. We want you to be well-informed as to the best choices for your dogs, and the best value for your money.  

  1. SuperGravy is an authentic Gravy and Broth Mix for dogs: Despite the growing number of topper brands, over 90% of the products on the market are freeze-dried or liquid, not easily mixable powders. The powdered mix format gives SuperGravy lots of advantages over freeze-dried or premade liquids when used for pet food enhancement.
  2. SuperGravy offers the best variety of great tasting pet food toppers for picky eaters: Most pet food topper lines offer a few formula options, but they don’t really offer much taste That’s because their formulas simply offer different core protein options like freeze-dried chicken, beef, and fish formulas. This is a major difference between SuperGravy and freeze-dried toppers. We offer four recipes with different core proteins for allergy management, but the blends are handcrafted to offer a variety of different tastes and smells to excite dogs at every meal. SuperGravy Paw Jus, Barkinara, Arfredo, and Bon A’ La Goat all have their own unique flavor profiles. That empowers pet parents to rotate among different flavors for the pickiest eating dogs.
  3. Unlike freeze-dried toppers, SuperGravy products are true gravy and broth mixes:  SuperGravy infuses food thoroughly to transform any pet food into a tasty moist meal. Freeze-dried toppers don't truly blend with any type of pet food. They sit on top of the bowl as separate chunks and clumps, even when saturated. That means dogs can ‘cheat” by picking out the clumps instead of eating their whole meal. What good is a topper if your dog only eats the topper and not their food? The reason that freeze-dried toppers don’t work as gravies is because although they absorb moisture quite well, they don’t dissolve in water to form a gravy. SuperGravy powdered instant Gravy and Broth Topper mixes are formulated specifically to instantly make gravy in the bowl, and broth by the jug. 
  4. SuperGravy costs far less than freeze-dried toppers: Because of the very high and growing cost of freeze-dried proteins, toppers made from freeze-dried are much more expensive per serving than powdered dry mixes. Therefore, not only do they not work as well as SuperGravy powdered mixes, freeze-dried toppers cost double or triple to use. Example: a leading freeze-dried topper costs about $1 per serving scoop, and the manufacturer recommends 3 scoops for a 60 lb. dog. So that’s $3 a day/ $90 a month added to your pet food bill. SuperGravy offers outstanding value at only about 60 cents per dog per day when buying our 30-scoop pouch. That’s $18 a month, a potential savings of $72 per month and over $800 a year. That’s a true inflation beater.
  5. Most dogs prefer SuperGravy over freeze-dried toppers: Over the past 11 years, we have heard from hundreds of dog parents who say that their picky eaters find freeze-dried food or toppers to be very bland. These same customers say that their dogs LOVE SuperGravy. The reason that freeze-drying takes away flavor is that moisture makes foods taste better. Have you ever heard someone at a restaurant order a nice “dry steak?” Of course not! We crave juicy steaks, and our dogs are no different. Freeze-drying removes 97% of the moisture from foods, and for many dogs, that means they are less excited to eat freeze-dried meals.
  6. SuperGravy actually makes freeze-dried pet foods work and taste better! Week after week, one of the biggest sources of new SuperGravy customers are folks who are switching over to freeze dried “raw” dog foods because they typically offer superior nutrition when compared to most dry kibble. But some dogs don’t adapt well and find freeze-dried foods less interesting than their old familiar crunchy kibble. That’s where SuperGravy comes to the rescue; adding SuperGravy and water to freeze dried food is the perfect way to transform freeze-dried into a delicious moist meal that even the pickiest eaters will love. Plus, SuperGravy provides digestive and immune health benefits from active probiotics, digestive enzymes, and superfood nutrients.

Manufacturers of freeze-dried pet foods are jumping on the toppers bandwagon because it gives them a “Trojan Horse” to introduce freeze-dried nutrition into the bowls of everyday kibble feeders. We don’t blame these companies for trying to get their products in front of consumers! But we think that they are better suited for use as daily core diets instead of as very expensive toppers. It’s not that freeze-dried toppers aren’t healthy; they just cost too much to use and don’t work nearly as well as SuperGravy powdered instant mixes. If you are seeking a delicious and healthy topper that makes even the pickiest eaters excited every day, SuperGravy is the #1 most awarded choice in pet food toppers.

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