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Clear Conscience Pet® launches Kelpy™ Chews, the first dental chews made from Kelp-Infused Beef Trachea - Clear Conscience Pet

Clear Conscience Pet® launches Kelpy™ Chews, the first dental chews made from Kelp-Infused Beef Trachea

  • Industry-first chews are made with a proprietary process to infuse USA Beef Trachea with the plaque-preventive benefits of Kelp in a 100% digestible “no rawhide” chew
  • Kelpy Ringz™ give small dogs the satisfaction and benefits of a rugged “big dog” chew      
  • Kelpy™ Tubes are perfect for medium to giant breed dogs

Cape Coral, Florida

Clear Conscience Pet award-winning pet nutrition has launched a new innovation in the canine dental chews category, Kelpy™ Chews Beef Trachea infused with Organic Kelp. These nutritious and 100% digestible chews are made with only 2 ingredients, USA ardwood-Smoked Beef Trachea and Organic Kelp, with nothing artificial or synthetic. This separates Kelpy Chews from typical “lab-engineered dental chews” made with glutens, flours, glycerin, and gelatins to mold plasticky chews.  

Kelpys utilize an exclusive proprietary process to infuse beef trachea with organic cold-water Kelp, another name for sustainably harvested seaweed. Kelp is a clinically proven plaque fighter and anti-microbial. When Kelpys are chewed, kelp adheres to tooth and gum surfaces where it can help to prevent or reduce plaque and tartar buildup. The anti-microbial properties of kelp can also help in the prevention of the bacterial buildup that causes gum disease.

“Kelp has been proven to offer significant dental health benefits for dogs, but until now, there were no natural and digestible chews that apply Kelp directly to tooth and gum surfaces where it is needed most,” said Clear Conscience Pet Co-Founder and Chief Nutrition Officer Anthony Bennie.  “Kelpys provide a holistic approach to canine dental health that works on many levels. The chews physically scrape teeth, stimulate gums, and exercise oral cavity muscles; the kelp prevents plaque and bad bacteria formation; and the trachea itself is a high protein superfood rich in joint-protective nutrients such as chondroitin, glucosamine, and collagen for tooth, bone and joint health.”

Kelpy Ringz™: Rugged Chews Especially for Small Dogs: The new chews come in two sizes, 6-inch Kelpy™ Tubes, and Kelpy Ringz™ which are sliced sections ideal for smaller dogs. “Small dogs have been denied the satisfaction of rugged chewing for too long,” said CCP Co-Founder Amanda Bennie. “Little dogs have the same instinctive need to chew as big dogs, and the same risk factors for dental disease, so we were determined to offer them the Kelpy Ringz as an option. We have already gotten rave reviews from small dog parents, and we’re thrilled that little dogs can now enjoy a big dog chewing experience that will help to keep their teeth and gums healthier.”

Chewing is a Powerful Instinctive Need for Dogs:  “We learn from nature, and we see that wolves and other canines in the wild frequently chew bones and connective tissue from prey,” said Anthony Bennie. “This keeps their teeth and gums healthy, which is critical to their survival. Our dogs need similar rugged chewing options to scrape teeth and stimulate muscles in the jaw and upper palate. Kelpy Chews are a natural toothbrush as well as a workout to keep the oral cavity strong.”

“Dogs absolutely love these chews,” said Amanda Bennie. “They obviously have a very strong attraction to them, and we have heard some great stories about how much they covet them. We don’t recommend coming between a dog and their Kelpy!”

The new chews were officially released on January 6 and are available now directly from Clear Conscience Pet to all qualified independent retailers.

Contact: Anthony Bennie, Founder & Chief Nutrition Officer, Clear Conscience Pet

anthony@clearconsciencepet.com  239-984-2705