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Neuroplasticity and Canine Cognitive Health: How SuperGravy Can Stimulate a Dog’s Brain by Providing Daily Variety in Smells and Taste - Clear Conscience Pet

Neuroplasticity and Canine Cognitive Health: How SuperGravy Can Stimulate a Dog’s Brain by Providing Daily Variety in Smells and Taste

Good quality, biologically appropriate food with a proper nutritional balance is essential for the optimum physical health and wellness of all dogs. But what about brain health and cognitive ability, especially in senior dogs? How do our daily food, supplement, and treat choices affect canine cognitive health and wellness?

Neuroscientific research into how both human and canine brains work offers evidence that variety and novelty in the diet can improve brain health and may lessen and delay the effects of aging on the brain. Offering new combinations of aromas and tastes stimulates the olfactory system (consisting of the nose and all smell receptors) to form new neural connections in dogs throughout life. Simply put, new smells and tastes keep the brain active and stimulated. And of  course we know that a dog’s sense of smell is their most powerful sensory input, and exponentially more powerful than that of we humans. 

Why is taste variety so important? As it turns out, there is evidence from Neuroscience proving that introducing new smells causes the olfactory system to create new neural connections in the brain throughout life. This phenomenon is called “neuroplasticity” and it means that the neurons which transmit information in the brain can continue to expand throughout life, even in geriatric brains.

This exciting scientific breakthrough shows that SuperGravy may help keep dogs' brains healthier by providing a variety of different smells and tastes in their food and stimulating the creation of new neural connections. This research strongly suggests that we can support and even improve cognitive response in geriatric dogs by providing a rotating menu as part of an overall healthy diet. SuperGravy is the perfect tool to achieve this, since it is the only full line of appetite-boosting pet food topper meal supplements that offers REAL variety. Rotating among the 4 SuperGravy formulas is a practical and cost-effective way to prevent “taste fatigue” while potentially stimulating the growth of new neural connections in the canine brain. Very importantly, SuperGravy stimulates appetites and neuroplasticity without stomach-disrupting food changes.

All four SuperGravy formulas are designed to have very different tastes and smells, unlike some dog products that are differentiated more by marketing than substance. (see detailed descriptions on our website here: https://clearconsciencepet.com/pages/which-supergravy-should-you-choose-for-your-dog)

Typically, the “multiple flavors” in a dog food, topper, or treat line are all remarkably similar, with only one or two different ingredients to justify more shelf and digital space rather than truly differentiating the core products from each other. This “one taste fits all” approach is a big factor in dogs becoming bored with their food. This marketing strategy from pet food companies is about occupying more shelf space, not creating truly differentiated TASTE for the benefit of dogs as SuperGravy does.

SuperGravy empowers pet parents to add variety without changing the dog’s core diet. This connection between food and neuroplasticity is an exciting new frontier for older dogs that we will continue to pursue as we develop new products. You can rotate among  SuperGravy formulas by purchasing any of our value priced multipacks, available in 3 and 4 packs in 7scoop, 14 scoop, and 30 scoop selections.  

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Founder & Chief Nutrition Officer
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