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How Supergravy Works To Improve Hydration, Dental Health, Gut Health, And Immune System Function - Clear Conscience Pet

How Supergravy Works To Improve Hydration, Dental Health, Gut Health, And Immune System Function

THE SUPERGRAVY STORY: SuperGravy has helped thousands of families to improve everyday picky eating and more serious appetite problems caused by illness, aging, or emotional distress. Our original concept was to provide an effective tool for families to keep their dogs eating well. We have 12 years of experience and in that time, the SuperGravy product family has expanded to four varieties of instant holistic gravy and broth mixes. We are humbled to have thousands of testimonials proving that when it comes to boosting canine appetites, SuperGravy is a Superstar product in effectiveness, convenience, and value. No other company or product has even come close to matching our 25 Awards for nutritional excellence and innovation. It makes us tremendously happy and proud when we hear from our loyal long-time customers that after years of use with multiple dogs, SuperGravy still delivers daily results that change dog’s lives.

But SuperGravy is far more than just “gravy for dogs.” We created these formulas to be both Delicious and Nutritious. SuperGravy is a multi-faceted health supplement for dogs that serves many purposes beyond making any brand or type of pet food tastier and more appealing to dogs. That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the complete SuperGravy story.

A HUMAN TRAINING TOOL? We have often referred to SuperGravy as a "human training tool" because it gets dog parents into the habit of thoroughly HYDRATING all dry foods, whether kibble, freeze-dried, or new “hybrid” blends of kibble and freeze-dried food that have emerged recently as yet another marketing gimmick in the pet food industry.

HYDRATION: It is our opinion based on solid nutritional and biological science, as well as decades of experience in the field of pet nutrition, that dry food must be thoroughly hydrated for optimal digestion and nutrient absorption. This includes freeze-dried, kibble, and dehydrated diets. Canines in the wild eat mostly prey and game species, which are by definition “wet food.” Wild canines don’t eat "dry food" and neither should our companion dogs. But because of the convenience and value of dry foods, the vast majority of American pet parents still feed their dogs dry food. When we invented SuperGravy, our goal was to bridge the gap between what’s best for our dogs and what’s easiest and most cost-effective.

The answer is HYDRATION! Just because we’re buying food in a dry form doesn’t mean we need to feed it to our dogs that way. We invented SuperGravy as a "hydration interface" that allows water to more thoroughly permeate freeze dried or kibble while also adding tremendous benefits for Gut, Immune, and Dental Health.

The “DRY FOOD IS GOOD FOR DOG'S TEETH” MYTH: Ever since the introduction of dry kibble dog food in the 1950s, we humans are the ones being fed a MYTH promulgated by the pet food industry. The myth is that dry food "cleans dogs" teeth and is better for them than the canned meat that dogs were fed before kibble. The fact is that the key motivation for inventing kibble dog food was to turn surplus grain by-products into huge profits. Unfortunately, no one was really thinking about what is best for dogs when this change happened in the pet food industry. We’ve been battling ever since to restore proper nutrition to our dogs.

The truth is that dry food is not good for dog’s teeth and gums at all unless it’s thoroughly hydrated. Kibble and freeze-dried pet foods both shed tiny fine particles that get trapped in areas between the teeth and gums. If not cleared from the oral cavity, those particles become plaque that leads to gingivitis, decay, and eventually tooth loss.

WOULD YOU BRUSH YOUR TEETH WITH DRY POWDER AND NO WATER? A helpful analogy for the way dry food can cause dental problems is this: can you imagine brushing your teeth with a dry powder, baking soda for example, but with NO water? You'd be desperate to get water to rinse those particles out of your mouth! Having fresh water in a separate bowl as we do with our dogs doesn't work because dogs don't know how to "gargle" and rinse their mouths during and after eating. They scoop up water with their tongues and swallow, so there's very little rinsing action. Drinking lots of water separately from dry food keeps a dog’s body hydrated, but does little or nothing to flush teeth and gums of food particles.

HOW HYDRATION WITH SUPERGRAVY AND WATER HELPS PREVENT DENTAL DISEASE: Thoroughly hydrating your dog's food creates a "rinsing effect" that helps to flush teeth and gums while eating. SuperGravy is a great tool for effective hydration because it's not just a "topper," it dissolves in water to truly infuse the entire meal with rinsing moisture. Essentially, SuperGravy Helps to transform dry food into a moist meal that is far more digestible and better for dental health when used properly.

WHY NOT JUST USE PLAIN WATER TO HYDRATE DRY PET FOOD? If you try to hydrate kibble with water, you’ll see that the kibble "floats" but plain water doesn't hydrate or soften the kibble itself unless it sits for hours. This is because kibble is designed to resist water so that it can last for a very long time in the package. SuperGravy changes everything because of the natural food chemistry of the ingredients that we use in our formulas. After mixing with sufficient water and being stirred in the bowl, SuperGravy clings to the kibble and starts to soften the outer surface after only a few minutes. This is why we recommend mixing the SuperGravy first with plenty of water, stirring very thoroughly, and then letting the mixture sit in the bowl for at least a few minutes before serving to your dog. The SuperGravy "secret" is that the active enzymes and other natural food components in our recipes are specifically chosen not only for their health benefits and great taste, the products are designed to help dry material absorb moisture. The result it that dry food truly is transformed into a moist and hydrated meal.

PROBIOTICS, PREBIOTICS, AND DIGESTIVE ENZYMES: THE TRIGESTIVE™ TRIFECTA FOR GUT AND IMMUNE HEALTH: Last but certainly not least, every SuperGravy formula provides a substantial gut health supplement consisting of 500 million CFU of active probiotics, prebiotics, and targeted digestive enzymes that help the body to digest and absorb all three components of food, namely proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. The result is better digestion, less gas, and greater overall nutrient absorption. It is very important to note that even commercial pet foods that are called "raw," whether freeze-dried, frozen, or any other form, are now required by USDA regulations to be sterilized through some type of pasteurization process. Typically this is done through High Pressure Pasteurization, also known as “HPP.” Other methods of “raw” pet food sterilization include irradiation and acid washing. All of these sterilization methods have the same result: active probiotics and digestive enzymes are destroyed.

Because SuperGravy is not a food but instead a dietary supplement, we can cold process the formulas so the active probiotics and digestive enzymes are intact and ready to work in your dog’s body. Put simply, SuperGravy helps to insure that what goes in the bowl is optimally utilized by the dog’s organs, cells, muscles, and bones, and all bodily functions are nutritionally supported.

SUPERGRAVY FEEDS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM: When it comes to maintaining daily health, nothing is more important than the immune system. A healthy immune system acts constantly to fight off disease, combat environmental toxins, and defeat attacks from viral and bacterial pathogens. The immune system “lives in the gut,” so a healthy balance and boosting of probiotic “good bugs” means that dogs getting SuperGravy daily are getting far more than the joy of a delicious hydrated meal; they are getting an immune system boost with every meal to help keep them healthier throughout their lives. That’s a lot of health support from a “simply delicious gravy mix!”

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