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Dogington Post Best Dog Treat of 2012

Dogington Post Best Dog Treat of 2012

Clear Conscience Pet® Lamb Airy Bites wins Dogington Post Best Pet Treat of the Year. The Dogington Post has well over a million weekly readers and is the largest internet newspaper for dog lovers.

The family-owned animal nutrition company, Clear Conscience Pet, has been selected for Best Pet Treat of the Year 2012 by The Dogington Post .

The award went to its Lamb Airy Bites product, which are small cubes of oven-roasted lamb lung that are coated in Clear Conscience Pet’s patent-pending OSV™ (Omega + SuperVeggies™) recipe.

Clear Conscience Pet states the Lamb Airy Bites are a hit with dog trainers who love the small, bite size pieces.