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2018 Inventory Essentials Award Winner - Clear Conscience Pet

2018 Inventory Essentials Award Winner

WHOOPEE! WE WON! CCP Trachey Chewz all natural rugged dog chews with SuperFood Dry Rub coating have been selected as 2018 INVENTORY ESSENTIALS in the Dental category by #PetProductNews International. Lamb Trachey Chewz are breakable and easier to chew for smaller dogs and softer mouths; Beef Trachey Chewz are big chews that give dogs instinctive chewing satisfaction while scraping teeth and stimulating gums for preventive dental health benefits. Best of all, no worries- they are ALL NATURAL and 100% DIGESTIBLE. Save 15% USE CODE OZCHEW15 for 15% off at SHOP CHEWS NOW