2015 Pet Product News Editor’s Choice Award

2015 Pet Product News Editor’s Choice Award

PET PRODUCT NEWS Announces 2015 award winners!
Clear Conscience Pet® CleanLabel™ Lineup Wins 2015 PPN Editor’s Choice Award!!

Clear Conscience Pet is the winner of the 2015 Editor’s Choice Award from Pet Product News. The CleanLabel™ line and the associated criteria of PURE, PRONOUNCEABLE, and PURPOSEFUL was conceived and developed by CCP Founder Anthony Bennie as a new level in natural pet nutrition in response to consumer confusion about the ubiquitous presence of “natural,” “all natural” or “holistic” claims and terminology in the pet food and treats industry. Being selected for this award is an additional validation of the importance of the CleanLabel™ movement we are leading.

Pet Product News is a highly respected trade journal in the pet care industry, and their annual Editor’s Choice Awards are chosen by the editorial board and coveted as the “Oscars” of the pet care industry.

We have now won this award TWICE! The first time was our VERY FIRST AWARD, back in 2011 when Clear Conscience Pet was just getting started.

This brand NEW, “hot off the presses” 2015 Editor’s Choice Award is especially gratifying and humbling since it recognizes not one or two of our exceptional CleanLabel(tm) products as is usually the case; it names our ENTIRE LINE as the winner of the award.

The CleanLabel(tm) concept as Clear Conscience Pet has established it is an absolute commitment to the artisan craft level of QUALITY and EFFECTIVENESS and rejects the deceptive MARKETING HYPE that too often masquerades as “all natural” in our industry.

With CleanLabel, every ingredient and every product must be PURE, PRONOUNCEABLE, and PURPOSEFUL. CleanLabel formulations provide clear health benefits for pets and honest consumer education and communication at all times. This infographic illustrates the concept:

We are very grateful to the Pet Product News editorial board for this great honor.