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Brandi R (Peoria, AZ)

Great product with amazing ingredients!! I have 2 pits that are extremely picky when it comes to food but this has absolutely solved that problem!! Definitely recommend!!

Thank you for your amazing 5 star review! This means the world to us!!! We welcome photos:):) ~A&A

joseph pagano (Lykens, PA)

My 2 year old, old English Mastiff is the poster child for PICKY! When I first received the trial package she didn't take to it like I hoped she would. So I put it on the shelf and made my own topper for her. After almost two and a half weeks I decided to give it another try. I opened the package and she came over to me and tried to put her face in the packet but her head is too big but she did manage to get a lick with her tongue. From that point it was all downhill! She never finishes her morning meal completely but with the Supergravy she not only empties her dish she licks the bowl clean. For the last couple of days she cleans her dish out at every feeding. Don't know what I did wrong the first time I tried it but I am very glad I tried it a second time. When I finish the trial bundle I will be ordering more. Thank you for this wonderful product!

Yahoo! Your story is wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing the journey of getting your 'Picky' PUP to enJOY meals with SuperGravy. ~A&A


My two Old Blue Healer sisters Love this, one eats anything and the other is super PICKY. I definitely recommend this,✌️😎

Michael Alas (Cleveland, MS)
Delish !!!

Pups love it! Picky lady is still a tad picky but doesn’t require a fully cooked meal every times

Thank you and your Pups for Trusting and trying our SuperGravy. Being that you have all four recipes perhaps Picky lady would also enJOY if you alternate the flavors and/or try blending 2 or 3 the recipes together? :):) ~A&A

Brian L. (Pompton Plains, NJ)
They love it like a favorite treat.

Both my dogs love all the SuperGravy flavors and feeding time is even a happier time when they see it being poured into their kibble. I make a broth from mixing 3 spoonful's and a quart of water. They hang out in the kitchen while I'm mixing and eagerly wait to lap up the little taste of the just the broth I'll pour into their bowl. Great stuff.

Your Pup's JOY is our JOY! Thank you for trusting our Company and it's products. ~A&A


Two of my three pups seem to like it, but the other doesn't.