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Why Choose CCP Products?

The Clear Conscience Pet® and SuperGravy® Story

After 20 years in the business, we were dismayed to see the natural pet food movement become more about marketing hype than healthier pets. So we risked everything and started Clear Conscience Pet with an ironclad commitment to innovation, authenticity, and transparency. We invented SuperGravy to boost appetites for “picky eating” dogs, slow down dogs who inhale their food too fast, and help those suffering from digestive distress. But every dog can lead a more joyful life with SuperGravy!

The Clear Conscience CleanLabel™ Pledge

  • PURE: Simple formulas, artisan crafted with NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS, FLAVORS, or PRESERVATIVES.
  • PRONOUNCEABLE: Made only from whole food-based ingredients that you recognize and trust. No dictionary required!
  • PURPOSEFUL: Every ingredient is chosen to make your pet live a healthier, happier, and longer life. NO FILLERS that contribute nothing to the health of your dog. Formulated in partnership with holistic veterinarians with NO WHEAT, CORN, SOY, or PEAS.

Award-Winning Quality

This seal represents 25 AWARDS for excellence earned in less than 8 years, making Clear Conscience Pet The Most Award-Winning Brand in Pet Nutrition History. It is your assurance of trusted quality and performance. How does a family company like ours beat mega corporations? We innovate with new ideas instead of following the pack, we try harder, and we care more. Details at ClearConsciencePet.com/Awards