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We absolutely love the Super Gravy and the lamb chews from Clear Conscience pet! Its helps my pup to eat so much better and he loves the lamb chew as a reward!

Caylee D.

My girl definitely has a sensitive stomach. We got both the Lamb Airy Bark and the Supergravy Arfredo and both did so well for her and her stomach. She loves them!

Noelle R.

Used by Champions

Agility, Dock Diving & More

SuperGravy is used by elite athlete dogs for hydration before, during and after competitions. 

4 Delicious Flavors

Bon A' La Goat

Irresistible blend of savory Beef Bone Broth and creamy Whole Goat's Milk!

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Barkinara™ red with pork liver, tomato, and veggies: Brings a zestier taste from dried tomato, veggies, and pork liver, a zesty combo that dogs find irresistible.

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Arfredo™ creamy white with Greek yogurt & 3 Italian style cheeses: Arfredo is the only meat-free SuperGravy. Greek yogurt and real cheese provide digestible and delicious protein.

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Paw Jus

Paw Jus™ brown with beef liver & veggies: This was our first formula and has been a customer and dog favorite for over 8 years. Paw Jus™ features USA Beef Liver combined with a selection of veggies and superfoods.

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