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Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews

Outstanding quality and ingredients. My doggo’s favorite.

Susan Lockwood (New Palestine, IN)
A Pet Favorite

My 4-legged kids absolutely love this delicious treat!

Thank you for taking the time to share your fantastic review! We are so happy that your pups are happy:):) ~A&A

Jon Goold (Virginia Beach, VA)
Lamb Bark

She loves Lamb Bark! Good, healthy, clean ingredients. Sustainable.

Pure, Pronounceable & Purposeful is our CCP CleanLabel Pledge:)
Thank you so much for your trust. ~A&A

Michelle Ayon (San Jose, CA)
Love Clear conscience !

We love clear conscience treats! They are my pups favorite ❤️ we feed all clean and raw so the treats fit in perfectly

Thank you for including our products in your Pup's life! ~A&A

Annette Jenkins (Council Bluffs, IA)
She loves them

My girl loves them and they are a great safe to eat treat.

Thank you for your positive review! Your trust means the world to us. ~A&A

Karen Jang (Pleasant Hill, CA)
Our picky pup loved this!

I have two pups. Both are a bit particular about their treats, but one of our pups really likes this treat. It is too large for her, but is easy to cut/crack to her size. The other pup didn't like the taste, but she doesn' t like liver much either. We are pleased that we have found a tasty and healthy treat for one pup!

Sandy Nelson (Panama City, FL)
Maggie loves them

I really wish that you would make the bite size pieces again. my hands (i'm old) have a hard time breaking these up

Hi Sandy,
We try never to say never and still are trying to find a way to offer both Bark & Bites in the future. We do have an exciting baked treat that we hope to offer very soon! All dogs that have sampled them are 'BARKING' for more! Stay tuned...~A&A

Consuela Gunter (Satsuma, AL)
Lamb Airy Bark

My dog loves the treat

Thank you! More great products are in the works for 2024! ~A&A

Pamela Bell (New York, NY)
Lamb bark!

My dogs absolutely love the lamb bark and they cry and whine until I give that to them! I feel good giving them something that I trust so thank you so very much I appreciate that you love dogs so much! Customer for years and will be for life!