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The latest innovation from Clear Conscience Pet Award-Winning Dog Nutrition!


  • Hand-crafted with our proprietary ORGANIC KELP INFUSION for Dental Health
  • Proprietary process infuses Beef Trachea with the benefits of Kelp.
  • Artisan hardwood roasted and sourced from USA Grassfed Natural Beef
  • Beef Trachea is a 100% Digestible Superfood
  • NO RAWHIDE and NO BONE, just the natural cartilage and muscle of trachea roasted to the perfect rugged chewing texture
  • Available in 6” Tubes™ and 1” Ringz™ ideal for smaller dogs

Clear Conscience Pet proudly introduces Kelpy Tubes and Kelpy Ringz™ natural dog chews, our newest innovation in the “rugged” dog chews category. These irresistible hardwood-smoked chews provide the ultimate in canine chewing satisfaction, combined with preventive dental health. Unlike most products on the market, these are not “engineered” plasticky chews loaded with glutens, glycerin, starches, pea protein, and other fillers.

Kelpy Tubes and Ringz™ promote healthier teeth and gums through rugged chewing while fighting plaque and bacteria with the clinically proven natural power of Organic cold-water Kelp. Our Kelp infusion is derived from sustainably harvested and renewable North Atlantic seaweed, one of nature’s best sources of essential minerals.

Kelpy Tubes chews are infused with Organic Kelp through a proprietary process that provides the benefits of Kelp to your dog as they blissfully gnaw on these delicious roasted chews! These are the first and only natural trachea chews in the industry that deliver the plaque-fighting benefits of Kelp directly onto your dog’s tooth and gum surfaces where it’s needed most to help prevent tartar and plaque buildup.

Kelp is a clinically proven natural plaque fighter and anti-microbial. When your dog chews, Kelp is released from the trachea and adheres directly to tooth and gum surfaces. That’s where it’s needed most to help fight bacteria that leads to plaque and tartar buildup, ultimately leading to gum disease and tooth loss.

Kelpy Tubes also help strengthen the oral cavity! Dogs have a powerful intuitive instinct to chew, and it’s essential that they chew rugged materials like roasted beef trachea to stimulate the muscles of the jaw and palate. The result is stronger gums and better long-term oral health. While your dog enjoys the thrill of gnawing on these delicious roasted trachea, you’ll know that in addition to the emotional satisfaction of a rugged chew, they are enjoying multiple health benefits to their teeth, gums, bones, and joints.

Grass fed Beef Trachea is also an excellent natural source of chondroitin, glucosamine, and collagen for bone and joint health. As usual, CCP gives you more benefits than the competition with every product we make!


USA Beef trachea (grassfed, hardwood-smoke roasted); Organic North Atlantic Kelp

Guaranteed Analysis

Protein: 66% minimum; Fat: 5% minimum; Fiber: 5% maximum; Moisture: 12% maximum; Metabolizable Energy (ME): 466 kcal/100 gr

Made in the USA

SuperGravy® and all Clear Conscience Pet® treats are made in the USA in USDA inspected plants. PROTEINS: All animal-based proteins are 100% USA made from American ranches and dairy farms. Animal-based protein sources include Beef liver, Pork liver, Greek Yogurt, Beef Bone Broth, Dried Parmesan Cheese, Dried Provolone Cheese, and Dried Romano cheese. VEGETABLES: Most of our dried vegetables are made in the USA, and some from Europe. Our Sea Kelp comes from Iceland and Ireland, and Chia Seed comes from South America. There are NO ingredients from China or India. PROBIOTICS, PREBIOTICS, and DIGESTIVE ENZYMES: Our TRIGESTIVE ™ digestive health complex is made in the USA.

Dog Size Recommendation

NOTE ON DOG SIZE and CHEW CHOICE: We have decades of award-winning experience with “rugged” chews, which is CCP’s term for chews from natural sources such as trachea, naturally slow-roasted to maintain a rugged and resistant consistency for a satisfying chewing experience, not break up quickly or crumble when chewed. For the new Kelpy Chews, we did extensive pre-release trials, giving both the small Ringz and 6” Tubes to very small, small, medium, and large dogs. We know that all dogs are different, and what works for one may not be ideal for another. But we always formulate with safety and health above all other considerations. There are no hard and fast rules as to what sizes, breeds or ages of dogs are best suited for a certain product, but here are our trial results:

Kelpy Ringz™: Small chews are great for Small Dogs: From the beginning of the Kelpy™ Chews project, one of our most important goals was to create a rugged “big dog” style chew with two sizes, one geared towards big dogs and one for smaller dogs. The results show that we have achieved that goal. We have had several small dog families trying the Kelpy Ringz and their experience has been extremely positive. Small dogs are fascinated by the chew! They nudge it around and may “play” with it for a while, this is instinctive for canines exploring something new. Curiosity leads to nibbling, and soon the little dogs start happily gnawing around the edges as we intended. The result has been happy pet parents seeing their small dogs enjoy a nice hearty chewing session and getting a great “dental workout” for their little mouths.

Kelpy Ringz are not too big for little dogs- even tiny ones! We have had a few customers contact us in the past few days saying that they think the Ringz may be too big for their small dogs. But this is exactly the size we intended because very small and tiny dogs can’t put the whole chew in their mouths, so instead they nibble and gnaw around the many edges for maximum tooth scraping, gum stimulation, and chewing JOY. Because they are 100% digestible, when they finally get close to the end, you can remove the last small pieces and discard them, or they can take the remaining small pieces in their mouth, chew them up, and swallow them. As a reminder, always supervise chewing. NOTE on occasional chips and thinner slices: Ringz are hand cut from natural roasted trachea, and occasionally, you’ll find some flat chips or narrower Ringz. These can still be given as chews. Bottom line: Give your small dog a chance to experience rugged chewing with Kelpy Ringz™ a try for your small dog, and we think that you and your dog will be very happy with the result. Remember: you’re always covered by the CCP 100% Doggy Love Guarantee.

Small Dogs with Kelpy 6” Tubes big chews: It may seem counter intuitive, but there is no reason why small dogs can’t enjoy the full sized Kelpy Tubes. The Ringz are a better choice for tiny dogs, but small and medium dogs are often fascinated by the full size 6” Tubes. Dogs under 20 lbs. probably can’t grasp the entire chew around the circumference, so they manipulate the chew in their paws and nibble on the edges as they move the big chew into different positions. This action stimulates different areas of the teeth and gums as they move it around both sides of their little mouths. Recommendation: We don’t suggest full 6” Tubes for tiny dogs, but dogs 20 lbs. and up may love playing with and chewing the 6” long Kelpy Trachea Tube for hours or even days.

Big dogs are easy: they can enjoy and benefit both from Tubes and Ringz! The full-sized Tubes are an obvious choice for medium to giant dogs. They provide a relatively long lasting Chew and lots of scraping and gum stimulation, along with the plaque preventive benefits of our organic kelp infusion throughout the mouth. Ringz for big dogs? Yes! Our trials show that Ringz make a great “chew snack” for larger dogs. They will chew the Ringz whole and crunch them up with gusto. Despite the small size, Kelpy Ringz provide enough tooth scraping and gum stimulation to act as an enjoyable “toothbrush chew” that may last only a minute with a strong large dog. Despite the short chewing time, rest assured that your bigger dogs are still getting the benefits of kelp on the tooth and gum surfaces to help prevent plaque and tartar buildup, as well as the natural collagen, chondroitin, and glucosamine in trachea for joint and bone health.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
CHarles Padilla (Santa Fe, NM)
Fabulous Products

I have been ordering from Clear Conscience Pet for quite some time .. AND .. I will say .. or shall I say that my three pitties LOVE a everything I have ordered. From the SuperGravies to treats and most recent, the Kelpy Chewz .. my three LOVE, LOVE them.

Thank You Clear Conscience Pet for ALL your fabulous products.

Dear '3 pitties' and Charles, we are honored to have you part of our 'BarkTeam'. Your long-time support in us and our products is what helps us keep on keepin' on!! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. ~A&A

Captain (Madison, WI)
My 7 month Golden Retriever LOVE EM!

Finding an all natural, safe and digestible chew is so important - but my Golden Ret must like it too! The Kelby Tubes are awesome. She love chewing on them and I fell great about having her chew them up.

Hi Captain,
We are overjoyed that you love our NEW Kelpy Chewz. We have a soft spot for Goldies and would love to see a few photos of you :):) Thanks so much for your Trust & Support. ~A&A

Carolyn Bixby (Assaria, KS)
Love this

I can truthfully say that everything I have gotten here my dogs LOVE! I currently have a 5-month-old Great Dane puppy. She loves the Kelpy Chewz Beef Tubes. She is outside right now chewing to her hearts content. If you haven't tried the Lamb Airy Bark or the Sliders, I highly recommend those too! Thank you for such great products and the wonderful customer service.

Thank you so much for your awesome review of our NEW Chewz as well as your amazing comments regarding our other products. Your Trust & Support means the world to us! ~A&A

Laura Simpson Simpson
My dogs love them!!!!

I appreciate such great customer service!

Thanks Laura! We appreciate such great customers!!! :)

Jill Hiatt
Benny loves these

Wasn’t sure how he would go for these but he sure does! We leave it outside and he returns to it each time I let him out.

Hi Jill,
We are so happy that Benny loves our NEW Kelpy Chewz! Thank you for sending photos of him enJOYing them. We look forward to seeing his bright white teeth and pink gums after a few more:):) ~A&A

Cindy H (Denver, CO)
My Dogs Love it!!!

I have 3 dogs and they loved the Kelpy Chewz Beef Tubes. Ive never seen them enjoy chewing on something like they did these chewz. The dogs are 15 lbs each and they had no trouble chewing on these tubes. I love knowing they are so good for them and for their teeth! I just need to be better at taking them away about half way through...they devoured them and I would like them to last at least a couple of chewing sessions. :)

Thanks Cindy! After testing and trying with our own we understand the dilemma of trying to take them away at any time:) This is why we offer Tubes & Ringz (sliced cuts) it gives option and either one will do a fantastic job at cleaning the teeth as well as bringing them JOY! Thank you for your Trust! ~A&A

Mirta Hess-Loedel (The Bronx, NY)

Kelpy Chewz Beef Tubes

Thank you!

Julianette Ortiz (Orlando, FL)

My dog goes nuts over these. He loves them and they last him a long time!

This is wonderful! Thank you for taking the time to review our NEWest product and letting others know how much you like them. It means the world to us. ~A&A

Donna Waugh (Portola, CA)
Kelpy Tubes Review

These delicious new healthy holistic treats are highly enjoyed by my dogs! Gave them as a treat after nail trimming time so they can associate a delicious reward for their patience. What a great way to reward my dogs with a treat that makes me feel as good giving it as they enjoy eating it. Greatly appreciate the peace of mind that Clear Conscience Pet gives me in offering a new natural dog treat that only consists of two easily digestible ingredients.

Donna, that is a brilliant idea as a reward after the tricky nail trimming task! Thank you for this great idea and for taking the time to share. ~A&A

Hilary B Wilkinson (Weston, CT)
❤️ Kelpy Tubes ❤️

These chews are a huge hit with our dog. We love that they are healthy and safe . Another amazing product from Clear Conscience Pet !

Thank you so much for your kind words as well as your Trust & Support!
The photos you sent are wonderful. Please keep them coming. Pics like this keep us smiling! ~A&A