Cami is a foxhound (adopted) and 4 years old now and came to us eating dry food and canned. Brody is a coonhound (fostered/adopted) and 7 years old and came to us eating dry food. Cami was difficult from the beginning at mealtime so we decided to educate ourselves on better food for them hoping that would be the fix. We found freeze dried food to mix with the dry food and that worked for a bit but we still often had to add something to get her to eat. Brody has always been easy and will eat anything we put in front him. We got the samples of the supergravy and the first time we tried Paw Jus, Cami came into the kitchen with tail wagging. Brody was so excited he was jumping up for us to hurry and feed him. Cami also likes the Arfredo and will come in the kitchen and wait to be fed. We haven’t had to really coax her to eat except the first day back from vacation. We ran out of the samples and tried their freezed dried food while waiting for our order of SuperGravy. Cami again had to have something else added to even think about eating. We placed our order Sunday night and are anxiously awaiting our order so both our furbabies will be happy at mealtime.

We are excited about the SuperGravy for two reasons; one is it’s good for them and two is having our picky eater actually looks happy when she’s fed. We appreciate you and your husband for the care in producing such great products.

If there is anything else we can do to help getting the word out about your company, please let us know.

Gayle, Steve, Cami and Brody