Excerpt from award article: Clear Conscience Pet® SuperGravy® CleanLabel™ Holistic Gravy Mix is the most Award-Winning Food Topper in the industry with four distinct awards for this product out of an industry-leading 13 Awards* SuperGravy created an entirely new category of dry instant gravy mixes and is still unique within the overall food toppers category as a true gravy mix as opposed to a supplement, a freeze-dried food add on, or a liquid ready to serve gravy topper.”

Pet Insight magazine is known as a key source of intelligence for executives, retailers, and other pet care industry insiders. Three awards were given in each category.

Note from CCP Founders Anthony and Amanda Bennie: “Thanks, Pet Insight! We are honored to receive this award and especially thank our loyal customers, our supportive retail trade partners, and most of all, the AWESOME dogs who love the way SuperGravy® brings them “JOY to the Bowl every day! WOOF-WOOF-THANKS!” *The Vanguard Award makes that 5 for SuperGravy® and 14 Awards for the company as a whole, yet another industry record solidifying our record as The Most Awarded Brand in Pet Nutrition History!”