We made a huge mistake feeding our dogs left overs because that was all we could get them to eat. We have not been able to find a dog food that they will eat without hiding it with people food…..until now!!

Testimony: When I opened the bag of Super Gravy for the first time, and before I got the scoop of powder to the bowl to mix with the water, one dog was hanging on my leg for a look and the other was standing at attention next to her. That has never happened even with leftovers. As soon I put their food bowls down, one dog was lapping up the gravy and the other was eating the kibble that the gravy was poured over…and we have never been able to get her to eat kibble. That feeding was last night. When I got up this morning, they were literally standing by their food dishes waiting for more and they ate every bite as they did last night. WE ARE REJOICING!!!

Thank you for finding the miracle formula for finicky dogs like ours!!!

Deborah and Randy Adams….ohhh…and Jack and Lady