I recently lost my 12 year old Rough Collie to arthritis, it devastated my 10 month old puppy “Charm,” she stopped eating her kibble and was having bouts of vomiting.

I took her to my trusted vet who could find nothing physically wrong with her but put her on an appetite stimulant. It didn’t work.
So I by chance found your product in a web search and decided I had nothing to lose.

I ordered the three pack variety of the Super Gravies. Immediately she ate about 2/3 of her kibble. One time she ate all of it with the Arfredo mixed in. Tonight she ate ALL of her kibble and went back to her bowl TWICE!

Seems like maybe she was suffering a little depression along with good boredom. She is getting back to her old self as far as eating is concerned! It only took a few days….

Thanks for all you do,
Ralph S.