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Layla went insane for them!

I am a PawPack Leader and we received some of your products in the December PawPack. Layla went insane for them! I know a lot of the pups who received the PawPack loved the Beef [...]

Happy Customer Jack

Just received my first order from you and I (AND my dog) are greatly impressed with the treats,the attitude and everything else about your company. Rest assured that I will be back. My mini dachshund [...]

Pet Id’s Review of Sliders Stikz™

Sliders Stikz™ Review If you are looking for the most nutritious and holistic pet treat for your pup, look no further than the Clear Conscience Sliders Tender Individual Sticks. These tender and moist pet treats [...] – Dog Must-Haves from SuperZoo

Dog Must-Haves from SuperZoo Paul Ciampanelli, August 23, 2013 Sliders by Clear Conscience Pet Treats Sick of man’s best friend flashing you the puppy-dog eyes every time you make a White Castle run? Satisfy his [...]

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