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We LOVE the brand new Super Gravy recipes

We LOVE the brand new Super Gravy recipes recently released by Clear Conscience Pet! They are one of our absolute favorite companies & their super gravy is the Most Award-Winning Pet Food Toppers ever made! [...]

In Clear Conscience Pet We Trust!

My girls love when I add extra goodies to their meals! I especially love it when the things I add enhance flavor AND benefit the health of my dogs. One company has continued to offer [...]

Picky Pooches love SuperGravy!

We tried out the @CCpettreats SuperGravy and the kiddos loved it. They tend to be picky eaters at times……………. Just add the recommended amount of water (to taste) to your dog’s meal and watch your [...]

Wanted to Share a Couple Pictures

I’ve been traveling the last few weeks, but wanted to share a couple pictures of Clark (Chocolate Lab) and Sheffield (White American Bulldog) who are both big fans of SuperGravy, Airy Bark, and Scrappy Chewz. [...]

OZ Enjoys Helping at Orlando Show

It was an absolute pleasure helping to represent a brand we believe in! Amanda and Anthony, you are rock stars for all the blood, sweat and tears you have put into these products that keep [...]

That’s me on a bag of treats!

You just did a double take, didn't you? Yep! Thats me on a bag of treats!! I'm the new cover girl for @ccpettreats Lamb Airy Bark and couldn't be more thrilled! Thanks again @ccpettreats for [...]

Take the picture so I can eat, you idiot

This was such an amazing treat! I really like the fact that there are people, such as @ccpettreats , that use the whole animal. These beef tracheas really had Shadow's lips smacking! ?? We also [...]

such a life changing product

I just wanted to say ‘THANK YOU’ for making such a life changing product like Supergravy! Our Boston Terrier puppy, Violet, is a very picky eater and gained very little weight to actually losing weight [...]

savor the yummy snack

My little pup often turns her nose up refusing treats. When I offered her a CCP Beef Slider, she took it and went to her bed to savor the yummy snack. She came back for [...]

But gosh, a dog’s gotta’ eat

Truth? I was faking it. When I ran into the kitchen doing the whirly dance, I was hoping for more than those dry and hard pieces of kibble. But gosh, a dog’s gotta’ eat, so [...]

she is smacking her lips

I just bought a package of your Super Gravy to add to the despised KD Cat food that Lulu turns up her nose at. I have never seen her polish off any food with such [...]

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