What better way to start your day

@furbabygirls What better way to start your day than with a healthy meal!? We received some "SuperGravy" from @ccpettreats through @pupfluence and we couldn't be more thrilled!! SuperGravy (Barkinara flavor) is a red gravy and broth mix made [...]

See the sneaky tongue?

See the sneaky tongue? Chief and Tully really enjoyed the food toppings from @ccpettreats, super delicious!!! Thank you @ccpettreats and @pupfluence for this deliciousness! - @gsd_chief

Moose couldn’t wait to dig in

Avie and Moose couldn't wait to dig into their Thanksgiving dinner of pumpkin puree, greens, turkey and kibble covered by @ccpettreats SuperGravy. They love Thanksgiving too. :) - @rockymountainmutts

Paddington and Mugsy are very finicky eaters

@schmoopyface Paddington and Mugsy are very finicky eaters. They turn their noses up at many tasty treats. Recently, we had the opportunity to try Clear Conscience SuperGravy. It is a powder that mixes into gravy [...]

Oliver and Bella

We absolutely loved the jerky and Bones from @CCpettreats We received these products free of charge in exchange for an honest review! Review Time! We received: 2 bags of food topper, 1 bag of lamb [...]

I give this review a definite 10 out of 10

cocoasjoy #CocoasReviews @ccpettreats was kind enough to send us some of their fantastic treats to review! Shipping took only 3 days and arrived in a large bubble mailer. Amanda was very friendly, and easy to [...]

We really loved your treats and Bones!

~~The Beef Trachey Chewz are huge! They are as long as my dogs. Because of that they keep them busy. They really enjoyed chewing on these in bed, the couch, the backyard and even the [...]

Check out these treats I got

Check out these treats I got from @ccpettreats :) They are the Lamb Airy Barks and they taste so delicious and crunchy :) I couldn't stop sniffing the bag. The products from @ccpettreats are all [...]

Mocha LOVED these products!

#MochasMarvelousReviews post! Today, we are reviewing products from one of our favorite treat companies, @ccpettreats! What we Received: -One bag of Lamb Airy Bark -One bag of SuperGravy -One bag including 4 Lamb Trachey Chewz [...]

Wonderful All Natural Company

We had the opportunity to test out a few products from this wonderful all natural company called @ccpettreats . They seriously have some pretty ball fetching treats! We got two different chews some freeze dried [...]

3 Dogs and a Chick, retailer

Back by popular demand, @ccpettreats SuperGravy! Most awarded dog food topper, 100% guaranteed to bring joy to the bowl for every dog- picky eaters included!! 3 Dogs and a Chick, retailer, Fort Walton Beach, FL

Big Dog Little Dog Bakery

NEW PRODUCT ALERT!! SuperGravy from @ccpettreats is a food topper that your dog will love whether they're picky or not! Available in 3 flavors, each containing superfoods, digestive enzymes and probiotics!! Big Dog Little Dog [...]

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