Two paws up and a wiggly nub!

We were so lucky to be sent a wonderful package by @ccpettreats I absolutely loved everything. The SuperGravy was my most favorite thing in the world! I don't think I will ever love any other [...]

It definitely spruces up your meal

My face when mom tells me we are all out of super gravy :-( Have you ever tried this stuff from @CCpettreats?! It's delicious!! It definitely spruces up your meal. My picky sister gobbled her [...]

This gravy is heckin pawsome!

Anyone who knows me knows I heckin LOVE gravy, and this gravy is heckin pawsome! SuperGravy has digestive enzymes and probiotics too, which really helps if you've got a sensitive tummy like me. I also [...]

You should try SuperGravy for yourself

I just love the @ccpettreats SuperGravy. It's so yummy it made my regular food so much tastier! It's also made in the USA and with its ingredients it's perfect for anyone like me who has a sensitive [...]

Licked every last bit clean

Smart doggos know good things when they eat it, and @ccpettreats SuperGravy is definitely a good thing! So good, in fact, that Seneca - notorious picky eater - destroyed a full bag of it with his bro [...]

It’s definitely a tasty snack

@Dasherbordercollie I don't always drink broth, but when I got.. Wait.. Yes, I do. Thank you @CCpettreats for sending us a sample of your SuperGravy. Dash loves his food so we decided to try it as [...]

It’s gravy for your kibble!

Thanks to our friends @pupfluence and @CCpettreats for sending over some of this pawsome SuperGravy to try!  You guys - it's gravy for your kibble!  or you can even drink it as a tasty broth (mom warmed [...]

I love SuperGravy Barkinara

@georgiegirlthepug I love SuperGravy Barkinara from @ccpettreats! It is the perfect topper to my kibble. Mom loves that SuperGravy is super easy - just use the enclosed scoop and add water. You can make a gravy at [...]

Licking my lips, crazed look in my eyes

Licking my lips, crazed look in my eyes- anticipation to try my new SuperGravy! It was worth the wait! Thank you @ccpettreats @pupfluence #Supergravy #delicious #ccpettreats #pupfluencer @farley_the_leonberger

I am loving these lamb lung treats

@fowler_the-rescuedog I am loving these lamb lung @ccpettreats! They are just the right size for training! #ccpet #ccpettreats #pupfluence

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