Thank you for your (wonder) food

I recently received my trial order of Paw Jus Super Gravy, and have been amazed at the transformation of my (former) finicky eaters. I have tried any number of other products, but the results have [...]

Cleaning Up Her Bowl Without Hesitation!

Just a quick update from the Waugh Dogs on our Super Gravy Trio Christmas treat!! WE LOVE THEM ALL!!! We have been dining on the Barkinara recently and our Dad is remarking how even the [...]

You have been a miracle worker for Auggie

We’re so glad we found you and your company, You have been a miracle worker for us – your products have enabled us to keep Auggie happy with Healthy Lamb Airy Bark treats. The Healthy [...]

Moose and Mari

I love your company!!!! Your products are top notch and your great customer service is amazing. Thanks so much!!! Here is a picture of Moose, my treasure of a senior rescue I got 2 days [...]

Just know, it is right for every dog

I like to be able to give my dogs a little extra once in a while. My Saint Bermastiff puppy, Diesel just recently turned one year. He is a big eater, and I love being [...]

He’s been a picky eater lately

We tried the Arfredo gravy yesterday – he loved it. We tried the Barkinara gravy today and he loved that one as well. He’s been a picky eater lately so what a relief to be [...]

She won’t eat without the SuperGravy

Can't believe how quickly I received my last order!! You are such an awesome company to deal with!! My Granddog is very grateful, she won't eat without the SuperGravy! She won't even eat with my [...]

CCP will ALWAYS have our unwavering support!

CCP will ALWAYS have our unwavering support! I consider it such a privilege to support CCP... Thank you for brightening up this wintery day for us!!! Wishing you continued successes... Much love, Donna and The [...]

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