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Licked every last bit clean

Smart doggos know good things when they eat it, and @ccpettreats SuperGravy is definitely a good thing! So good, in fact, that Seneca - notorious picky eater - destroyed a full bag of it with his bro [...]

It’s definitely a tasty snack

@Dasherbordercollie I don't always drink broth, but when I got.. Wait.. Yes, I do. Thank you @CCpettreats for sending us a sample of your SuperGravy. Dash loves his food so we decided to try it as [...]

It’s gravy for your kibble!

Thanks to our friends @pupfluence and @CCpettreats for sending over some of this pawsome SuperGravy to try!  You guys - it's gravy for your kibble!  or you can even drink it as a tasty broth (mom warmed [...]

I love SuperGravy Barkinara

@georgiegirlthepug I love SuperGravy Barkinara from @ccpettreats! It is the perfect topper to my kibble. Mom loves that SuperGravy is super easy - just use the enclosed scoop and add water. You can make a gravy at [...]

Licking my lips, crazed look in my eyes

Licking my lips, crazed look in my eyes- anticipation to try my new SuperGravy! It was worth the wait! Thank you @ccpettreats @pupfluence #Supergravy #delicious #ccpettreats #pupfluencer @farley_the_leonberger

I am loving these lamb lung treats

@fowler_the-rescuedog I am loving these lamb lung @ccpettreats! They are just the right size for training! #ccpet #ccpettreats #pupfluence

What better way to start your day

@furbabygirls What better way to start your day than with a healthy meal!? We received some "SuperGravy" from @ccpettreats through @pupfluence and we couldn't be more thrilled!! SuperGravy (Barkinara flavor) is a red gravy and broth mix made [...]

See the sneaky tongue?

See the sneaky tongue? Chief and Tully really enjoyed the food toppings from @ccpettreats, super delicious!!! Thank you @ccpettreats and @pupfluence for this deliciousness! - @gsd_chief

Moose couldn’t wait to dig in

Avie and Moose couldn't wait to dig into their Thanksgiving dinner of pumpkin puree, greens, turkey and kibble covered by @ccpettreats SuperGravy. They love Thanksgiving too. 🙂 - @rockymountainmutts

Paddington and Mugsy are very finicky eaters

@schmoopyface Paddington and Mugsy are very finicky eaters. They turn their noses up at many tasty treats. Recently, we had the opportunity to try Clear Conscience SuperGravy. It is a powder that mixes into gravy [...]

Oliver and Bella

We absolutely loved the jerky and Bones from @CCpettreats We received these products free of charge in exchange for an honest review! Review Time! We received: 2 bags of food topper, 1 bag of lamb [...]

I give this review a definite 10 out of 10

cocoasjoy #CocoasReviews @ccpettreats was kind enough to send us some of their fantastic treats to review! Shipping took only 3 days and arrived in a large bubble mailer. Amanda was very friendly, and easy to [...]

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